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    One Veteran's Collection

    Battalion Colours
    Battalion Colours

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    One Veteran's Collection

    Post by Battalion Colours on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:13 pm

    I saw this interesting WW I group on ebay and thought other forum members would like to see it as well:

    "This is an awesome and extremely rare display of one soldiers WW1 service. The soldier was "1015104 Pte. Edward Spiers Matthews". He served with the following units : "72nd Battalion / Seaforth Highlanders" and "231st Battalion / Seaforth Highlanders" as well as the "3rd Motor transport Company" and the "3rd ASP / Ammunition Sub Park / CASC / Canadian Army Service Corps". Pte Matthews cut out a piece of his WW1 tunic and put together an amazing display including some super rare pairs of cloth flashes. The dispaly consists of the following items :

    1. CASC Cap badge / pair of Collar badges / pair of Shoulder Titles.

    2. 3 ASP Cap badge / pair of collar badges / super rare matching pair of cloth flashes

    3. 3rd Motor Transport pair of collars / Super rare pair of matching cloth flashes

    4. 72nd Btn shoulder title

    5. 231st Btn Cap badge

    6. Medal Pair named to Matthews WW1 War & Victory Medal

    7. 4 Canada titles

    8. 2 Dog Tags named to Matthews

    9. Canada General service Cap Badge / pair of collar badges / 6 buttons

    10. 2 Legion pins

    11. Miniature hand grenade device with pictures of General inside.

    12. YMCA collar badge"


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    Re: One Veteran's Collection

    Post by bourlonwood on Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:13 am


    I was interessed by this group but price was too high for me
    Here a detail of the 3rd ASP patches


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    Re: One Veteran's Collection

    Post by sixxpackjack on Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:12 pm

    Its a very nice collection, Im sure the new owner will enjoy it. The final price surprised me

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    Re: One Veteran's Collection

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