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    Essex Scottish cap badges - brass; white metal variants

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    Essex Scottish cap badges - brass; white metal variants

    Post by Seaforth Highlander on Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:24 am

    Essex Scottish cap badges - My late father was a Lieutenant and had kept 2 Essex Scottish cap badges from 1943 (presumably as he was only with them 1 year and he was a pack rat but did not collect badges).

    A white metal one and a brass one.

    Why were there two variants? What is the significance or wearer of each e.g. Officer, Other Rank, Band etc? Are they interchangeable? Is one older pattern than the other?

    I made a HUGE mistake in buying another white metal Essex Scottish cap badge without first tagging my Dad's one so now I do not know which one was "his" :-(

    Are there variations of the Essex Scottish white metal cap badge over time that can be dated e.g. WWII, post-WWII? This is of course referring to before the name change and amalgamation with the Kent Regiment.


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