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    1941 dated C.L./C.with early Canadian woven olive green net


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    1941 dated C.L./C.with early Canadian woven olive green net

    Post by kozowy1967 on Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:16 am

    I thought I would share this early Canadian woven olive green camo net with you Gents they are extremely hard to source and I have only ever seen a couple of examples in all my years of collecting these predate the Canadian two tone nets and were produced in very limited numbers there is as well an early woven khaki brown net but I have only ever seen period images of this example and IMO are scarcer than the olive green variation.
    I find the early nets fascinating as the amount of work that went into there construction is amazing in comparison to the later war knotted nets that could be built much quicker and cheaper to meet the needs of the troops heading to the theater of operations.
    This particular net is displayed on a very nice 1941 C.L./C Mk II steel batch code 28 it is sporting a 42 dated VMC liner in a size 7 1/4 .the helmet is nicely C-/l\ marked in the interior near the dome and on the chinstrap you may have notice how the liner securing nut and bolt has been reversed this is quite a common site on Canadian Mk II's and I have a few in my collection were the liner securing nut and bolt have been reversed as the bolt threads out past the dish shaped nut I can only assume this was done as the bolt head would come in contact with the wearers head giving one a headache and leaving a nasty mark  Crying or Very sad 

    Regards Mark

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