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    Information wanted for book on veterans club tokens and woods of north america

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    Information wanted for book on veterans club tokens and woods of north america

    Post by tozh46923 on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:43 am

    Many previously published token catalogs are peppered with listings that no one seems to be able to find.
    I suspect that is due to jokes played on the authors. For that reason I am listing only those pieces that I
    own or have seen. The manuscript for my opus is ready to type but I notice that I have very few listings
    for Canada and none for Mexico. The Canada that I have are all from R. C. L. posts. I am also aware that
    there are American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War posts in Canada. If you can provide color Xerox
    or color scans of any tokens or woods from these places I will list them and credit you as the source for
    the information.
    Please don't hesitate to educate me as to what veterans organizations exist in Canada. Since I seriously
    doubt that I will live long enough to release a second edition I would hate to deprive these brave men
    and women of the recognition that they have earned and deserve. When completed the book will first be
    offered as a paid download that you print yourself. Later it will be available as a print on demand primarily
    sold to museums and libraries. Thank you for your help. Feel free to share this contact information with
    anyone who could help. Harley Bissell, Staff Sergeant - US Army Vietnam, Cam Ranh Bay and Phu Bai, 1971-1972

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