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    Ross Mk.III in Soviet Service WW2


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    Ross Mk.III in Soviet Service WW2 Empty Ross Mk.III in Soviet Service WW2

    Post by voltigeur on Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:13 pm

    Leningrad militiamen receiving weapons - Canadian Ross rifles model 1910(Mk III), and RGD-33 hand grenades on the table.

    The Ross rifle was a straight-pull bolt action .303 inch-calibre rifle produced in Canada from 1903 until 1918.

    The Ross Mk.II (or "model 1905") rifle was highly successful in target shooting before WWI, but the close chamber tolerances, lack of primary extraction and overall length made the Mk.III (or "1910") Ross rifle unsuitable for the conditions of trench warfare and the often poor quality ammunition issued.

    By 1916, the rifle had been withdrawn from front line service, but continued to be used by many snipers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force until the end of the war due to its exceptional accuracy.

    Because of its long range accuracy, the Ross rifle continued in use among Allied snipers after it was withdrawn from normal front-line use in Europe. British snipers found the rifle accurate out to 600 yards and more, with only one inherent disadvantage: the Ross accepted only perfectly clean ammunition, totally free of mud and grit, or else it invariably jammed.

    Ross rifles were used once again in the Second World War. The Mark 111 Ross rifle was supplied to the Royal Canadian Navy, the Veteran's Guard of Canada, coastal defense units, training depots, the British Home Guard, Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, Port of London Authority Police and the Soviets. Coast guard units in Ireland were armed with Ross rifles during 1920 to 1921.

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