Sniper's Hood, improvised, camouflaged.



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    Sniper's Hood, improvised, camouflaged.

    Post by voltigeur on Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:57 pm

    ©️ IWM (UNI 8833)

    First World War period British Army's sniper's hood. Many British Army snipers were trained by former Highland gamekeepers and deer stalkers of the Lovat Scouts, who gave extensive guidance regarding their skills of personal camouflage and concealment. As a result many items of clothing were adopted on the Western Front, either improvised or officially produced, including mittens, gaiters and robes.

    First World War period British Army's sniper's hood. The disruptive colour pattern was designed to make the wearer indistinguishable from trenchscape cover he was operating from. Sniping (which included prolonged observation of enemy activity of much intelligence value) had by 1916 been developed into a highly sophisticated military practice with its own increasing amounts of specialised equipment. The sniper's job, not suited to all marksmen, involved loneliness and danger and required great powers of creativity, endurance and concentration.

    Hessian hood painted with brown/green camouflage pattern, has large aperture cut into front and this is covered with a fine wire mesh.

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