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    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform

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    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform Empty In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform

    Post by Battalion Colours on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:21 pm

    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform G_flag10

    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform P_amer10

    The 379 Americans

    The following are the names of the 379 Americans who were killed while serving with Bomber Command and wearing the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force. These names are etched upon Canada's Bomber Command Memorial amongst those of their Canadian comrades. Beside each name is the type of aircraft they were flying as well as the airman's home town and state. We thank Hugh Halliday for providing this information.

    Name Aircraft Home Town State

    Aaron, E.O. Lancaster Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Ackland, W.E. Halifax Wash, D.C. Washington D.C.
    Adkinson, T.J. Lancaster Gilmer Texas
    Anderson, R.F. Wellington Houston Texas
    Arnot, G.D. In Training Vanwert Ohio
    Ashley, R.B. Mosquito Laporte City Iowa
    Auld, C. Wellington Chicago Illinois
    Ayers, R.B. Wellington Fredonia New York
    Ayres, A.A. Halifax Eagle Idaho
    Bailey, D.H. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Bailey, G.C. Lancaster New Canaan Connecticut
    Bailey, H.R. Wellington Devils Lake North Dakota
    Bailey, R.G. Wellington Worcester Massachusetts
    Bakeman, E.H. Lancaster Yarmouth Massachusetts
    Balkam, M.E. Wellington Niagara Falls New York
    Barnard, L.J. Stirling Brooklyn New York
    Baroni, R.J. Lancaster Glendale California
    Bartlemay, W.A. Lancaster Buffalo New York
    Beach, C.A. A-20 Boston Rutland Vermont
    Beck, J.W. A-20 Boston Shoreham Vermont
    Bentinck, G.H. Lancaster Galveston Texas
    Bergsten, C.A. Wellington Far Hills New Jersey
    Bidwell, D.D.G. Wellington Wells River Vermont
    Bijur, R.D. Wellington Allenhurst New Jersey
    Bird, D.G. Wellington Marrietta Ohio
    Blake, F.H. Halifax The Dalles Oregon
    Boggs, W.F. Blenheim New York New York
    Booth, G.V.C. Wellington Detroit Michigan
    Borrett, W.F. Halifax Los Angeles California
    Bostwick, S.E. Halifax Frances Washington
    Botkin, R.T. Lancaster Lexington Kentucky
    Bottomley, H.F. Lancaster Philaelphia Pennsylvania
    Bowers, E.J. In Training Westallis Wisconsin
    Braaten, S.L. Wellington Wash, D.C. Washington, D.C.
    Brawley, P.F. Wellington Newcomertown Ohio
    Brest, C. Halifax Honalulu Hawaii
    Bronson, C.R. Manchester Sioux Falls South Dakota
    Brown, C.D. Lancaster Hartford Connecticutt
    Brown, C.H. Lancaster St. Louis Missouri
    Brown, C.M. Lancaster New York New York
    Brown, E.H. Stirling Big Springs Texas
    Brown, J.E. Halifax Wichita Kansas
    Burke, C.W.G. Wellington Wash, D.C. Washington D.C.
    Burke, J.G. Halifax Olympia Washington
    Burlinson, R.M. Blenheim Tuscon Arizona
    Burns, J. Wellington Homewood Illinois
    Burton, R.W. Lancaster Elkhorn West Virginia
    Bush, C.W. Blenheim Carbondale Illinois
    Butterworth, R.S. Wellington Seattle Washington
    Byrne, F.P. Mosquito Phoenixville Pennsylvania
    Carrier, J.L.P. Halifax Rumford Maine
    Carruthers, A. Stirling Tonawanda New York
    Carter, N.E. Halifax St. Clair Michigan
    Carvajal, E.R. Wellington El Paso Texas
    Cash, A.V. Lancaster New Haven Connecticutt
    Cavanaugh, R.J. Halifax Mason City Iowa
    Chambers, P.K. Halifax Long Beach California
    Chouiniere, E.E. Lancaster Honalulu Hawaii
    Clark, D.J. Wellington Seattle Washington
    Clarke, G.M. Wellington Hopkins Michigan
    Clarke, J.T. Halifax Wilmette Illinois
    Clay, H.C. Halifax Wollaston Massachusetts
    Cleveland, S.G. Stirling Sydney Center New York
    Climie, W.B.F. Halifax Los Angeles California
    Cline, V.E. Lancaster Willows California
    Cormrie, W.P. Halifax Fargo North Dakota
    Connor, J.G. Halifax Cleveland Ohio
    Cook, S.W. Lancaster Sante Fe Tennessee
    Cook, W.A. Halifax Buffalo New York
    Corley, L.E. Lancaster Sante Fe Tennessee
    Costello, R.M. Wellington Green Bay Wisconsin
    Coukell, B.A. Blenheim High Bridge New Jersey
    Courtney, J.B. Stirling Lawton North Dakota
    Couture, J.A.L. Halifax Seattle Washington
    Cowie, R.J. Halifax Culver City California
    Craigie, C.C. Halifax Ludlow Massachusetts
    Cronk, G.E. Wellington Hollywood California
    Cully, V.C. Lancaster Cobalt Connecticutt
    Cummer, F.H. Lancaster Seattle Washington
    Cmmings, R. Lancaster Punxsutawney Pennsylvania
    Cunningham, R.N. Lancaster Buchanan New York
    Curtin, D. Lancaster New York New York
    Danninger, H.A. Halifax San Bernadino California
    Davey, H.A. Lancaster Andover Massachusetts
    Davis, M.D. Lancaster St. Anthony Idaho
    Deemer, E.J. Lancaster Detroit Michigan
    Dickinson, W.J. Halifax Houlton Maine
    Dingley, L.A. Wellington Portland Maine
    Doiron, H.W. Halifax Bownville Junction Maine
    Donoghue, J.G. Lancaster Glenn Head New York
    Dorrell, J.W. Halifax Willoughby Ohio
    Dries, P.W. Lancaster Rochester New York
    Dubose, T.C. Ventura Richmond Virginia
    Duke, A.T. Wellington East Orange New Jersey
    Dunlop, J.L.S. Wellington Niagara Falls New York
    Durling, M.V. Lancaster Dorchester Massachusetts
    Dynarkski, E.F. Lancaster Rochester New York
    Edwards, B.F. Halifax Bloomington Wisconsin
    Elmslie, J.A. Wellington Flint Michigan
    Emerson, I. Halifax Arlington New Jersey
    Evans, W.A. Whitley Chicago Illinois
    Fedigan, J.G. Wellington Chicago Illinois
    Firman, G.A. Lancaster Niagara Falls New York
    Flewelling, C.C. Lancaster Alliston Massachusetts
    Floripe, R.A.O. Halifax Toledo Ohio
    Foley, B.G. Halifax New York New York
    Foltz, R.R. Wellington Mansfield Ohio
    Flaser, D.G. Spitfire San Benito Texas
    Furman, R.M. Lancaster Decatur Illinois
    Galipeau, R.H. Wellington Coleraine Minnesota
    Gallagher, J.P.H. Halifax Yonkers New York
    Ganes, J.W. A-20 Boston Flint Michigan
    Garman, K.L. Stirling Republic Kansas
    Garnett, F.C. Halifax Madison Wisconsin
    Garoute, B.H. Halifax Seal Beach California
    Gates, B.O. Wellington Loveland Colorado
    Gellatly, C de W. Manchester Beaumont Texas
    Georges, G.M. Lancaster Whitman Massachusetts
    Gilbert, J.R. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Gillen, W.A. Lancaster Rumford Rhode Island
    Gilmore, W.J. Halifax Eugene Oregon
    Firvin, W.I. B-25 Buffalo New York
    Gorman, R.E. Wellington Williamsburg Pennsylvania
    Gourde, R.R. Halifax Longview Washington
    Gourdeau, A.E.E. Halifax Hollywood California
    Gray, S.G. Halifax Pine Bush New York
    Green, L.A. Halifax Montgomery Alabama
    Greene, A.M. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Griffith, L.G. Halifax Farmington Michigan
    Guichard, J.L. Lancaster Detroit Michigan
    Gunning, W.A. Halifax Chargrin Falls Ohio
    Haddock, I. B-25 New York New York
    Hadley, J.C. Wellington Kenmore Ohio
    Hale, E.E. Wellington Seaside Oregon
    Hall, J.G.B. Halifax Rumford Rhode Island
    Halvorsen, J.D. Wellington Chicago Illinois
    Hamilton, W.C. Lancaster New York New York
    Hanan, S. Halifax Los Angeles California
    Hargreaves, K. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Harrell, W.J. Halifax Eastman Georgia
    Harrison, J.R. Halifax Wash, D.C. Washington D.C.
    Harvey, B.C. Wellington Medford Massachusetts
    Harvey, B.M. Halifax Waltham Massachusetts
    Hasekian, C.R. Lancaster Belmont Massachusetts
    Haven, R.W. Hudson Melrose Massachusetts
    Hawk, D.C. Wellington Portland Indiana
    Hayes, R. Wellington Norfolk Virginia
    Healey, J.M. Halifax Greenwich Connecticutt
    Hehihr, J. Wellinton Buffalo New York
    Hencke, W.C. Wellington St. Louis Missouri
    Heninger, H.F. Spitfire Portland Oregon
    Herrington, G.W. Halifax New York New York
    Hess, G.W. Lancaster New York New York
    Hicks, L.W. Halifax Barrington Illinois
    Hicks, W.G. Halifax Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Hill, F.I.R. Lancaster Forest Hills New York
    Hillman, R.F. Lancaster Tacoma Washington
    Hogg, L.H. Halifax San Francisco California
    Hovinen, M.O. Lancaster Wakefield Michigan
    Huddleston, J. Halifax Grants Pass Oregon
    Hudson, H.M. Halifax Tampa Florida
    Hughes, O.B. Wellington Niagara Falls New York
    Hutchins, M.L. Halifax Cambridge Massachusetts
    Hyde, R.T. Dakota Downey Idaho
    Irwin, F.H. Halifax Beverly Hills California
    Ivers, D.A. Halifax Cambridge Massachusetts
    Jenkins, A. Hampden Montclair New Jersey
    Jennings, R.G. Halifax Ebenezer New York
    Jensky, J. Wellington Montville Massachusetts
    Johnson, D.W. Halifax Flandreau South Dakota
    Johnson, H.E. Wellington Clawson Michigan
    Johnson, J.W. Lancaster Pleasantville New York
    Johnston, J.A. In Training Chicago Illisois
    Jordan, R.C. Halifax Granbury Texas
    Kelley, A.T. Stirling Kansas City Kansas
    Kellum, J.R. Lancaster Mountain View California
    Kenny, J. Lancaster New York New York
    Keough, W.J. Lancaster Portland Maine
    Kibbe, D.K. Whitley Westfield Massachusetts
    Kieswetter, E.H. Stirling Seattle Washington
    Kitt, E. Wellington Chillicothe Missouri
    Knapp, R.S. Wellington Mihigan Center Michigan
    Komaiko, W.K. Lancaster Chicago Illinois
    Kopacz, W.A. Halifax Westbrook Maine
    Kavacich, A.M. Halifax Chicago Illinois
    Kucinsky, J.W. Halifax Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
    Lamphear, N.R. Halifax Seattle Washington
    Lang, S.S. Blenheim Cicero Illinois
    Langrill, W.A. Lancaster Los Angeles California
    Lawton, H. Lancaster Dallas Texas
    Leatherman, R.Q. Wellington Fullerton California
    Leeds, P. Lancaster Cleveland Ohio
    Legge, P.St.C. Halifax Norfolk Massachusetts
    Lesesne, C. Halifax Sumter South Carolina
    Lewis, G.E. Halifax St. Louis Missouri
    Sewis, H.C. Lancaster Ann Arbour Michigan
    L-Hommedieu, G.M. Whitley Long Island New York
    Lillico, W.D. Halifax New York New York
    Lindsay, J. Spitfire Kearny New Jersey
    Little, G.J. Lancaster Lorraine Ohio
    Little, R.R. Lancaster Lockport New York
    Lochhead, R.L. Halifax Detroit Mchigan
    Long, C.R.G. Wellington Lomita Park California
    Long, W.J. Lancaster Sharon Pennsylvania
    Longstaff, E.J. Stirling Indianappolis Indiana
    Love, C.L. Wellington Asheville North Carolina
    Love, W.K.M. Halifax Cos Cob Connecticutt
    Lowe, H. Liberator Eastdale Virginia
    MacArthur, H.F. Wellington Braintree Massachusetts
    MacDonald, M.H. Lancaster San Joseph California
    MacGregor, D.A. Lancaster Minneapolis Minnesota
    MacLellan, A.N. Wellington New York New York
    Main, F.C. Wellington Eureka California
    Maisenbacher, W.M. Halifax Columbus Ohio
    Malkemus, W.R. Stirling Knoxville Tennessee
    Mank, M. Stirling Miami Florida
    Margrett, A.A. A-20 Boston Montclair New Jersey
    Marok, J.M. Hampden Detroit Michigan
    Maroney, P.J. Lancaster Angola New York
    Maskill, D.J. Wellington Marion Ohio
    Masse, G.J. Halifax Central Falls Rhode Island
    Matherly, J.M. Halifax Sarasota Florida
    Mathews, W.H. Wellington Santa Barbara California
    Maxon, J.M. Wellington Memphis Tennessee
    Mayes, W.B. Halifax Maywood Illinois
    McCoy, A.F. Halifax Chicago Illinois
    McCoy, K.L.D. Lancaster Los Angeles California
    McDonald, D.P. Wellington Seattle Washington
    McElhone, J.J. Hurricane Detroit Michigan
    McSorley, B.F. Halifax Long Island New York
    Mead, R.F. Wellington Rochester New York
    Menshek, F.J. Wellington St. Paul Minnesota
    Merton, J.P. Wellington Flushing New York
    Millen, F.S. Sterling North Providence Rhode Island
    Mills, A.M. Halifax Bellville Michigan
    Mitchell, G.E. Wellington Diamond Springs California
    Mitchell, W. Wellington Jerome Idaho
    Mohler, O.J. Halifax Bismark North Dakota
    Monroe, E.F. Halifax South Portland Maine
    Moore, H.B. Halifax Boones Mill Virginia
    Moore, N.M. Halifax Augusta Georgia
    Moriarty, D. Lancaster Wash, D.C. Washington, D.C.
    Morrissy, H. Halifax Cheltenham Pennsylvania
    Muisiner, H.L. Halifax Kane Pennsylvania
    Mulhauser, R.S. Halifax Highland Park Michigan
    Mullen, A.W. Lancaster Upper Darby Pennsylvania
    Murphy, E.W. Halifax Dorchester Massachusetts
    Murphy, J.J. Lancaster Detroit Michigan
    Murray, R.M. Spitfire Indianappolis Indiana
    Murrell, S.L. Halifax Gainesville Texas
    Nadeau, J.A. Liberator Nashua Nebraska
    Nelson, F.G. Lancaster Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania
    Neubert, C.J. Halifax New York New York
    Newton, C.S. Lancaster Roseville Michigan
    Nibblet, J.L. Wellington Salisbury Maryland
    Nicol, W.F. Halifax Hyannis Massachusetts
    Nixon, G.F. Lancaster St. Clair Michigan
    Noble, J.A. Lancaster Detroit Michigan
    Noble, P.C. Wellington Folmstead Texas
    Noble, S. Wellington Valparaiso Indiana
    Norrie, T.L.J. Wellington Bedford Massachusetts
    O'Donnell, C.F. Halifax Houston Texas
    O,Grady, J.B.D. Lancaster New York New York
    Olsen, E.C. Hhalifax Pendleton Oregon
    Pablo, D.L. Wellington Elmo Montana
    Park, E.H. Wellington Lewisburg Tennessee
    Parker, J.C. Halifax Oakland California
    Parkyn, A.J. Lancaster Plaisades Park New Jersey
    Patenaude, R.A. Wellington Cahoes New York
    Peck, G.J. Wellington Brooklyn New York
    Penn, W.H. Lancaster Tulsa Oklahoma
    Perry, N.K. Wellington Springfield Missouri
    Peterkin, F.W. Halifax Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania
    Phair, M.A. Lancaster Limestone Maine
    Pickett, W.F. Halifax Foster Oklahoma
    Powell, J.L. Wellington Paterson New Jersey
    Prime, P. Blenheim Avon Lake Ohio
    Pudney, C.L. Lancaster Buffalo New York
    Raftery, F.S. Halifax Everett Massachusetts
    Rakoczy, P.L. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Ralph, F.W. Lancaster Fayetteville New York
    Ramey, W.T. Wellington Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Rankin, J. Halifax Moosic Pennsylvania
    Rathe, D.S. Wellington Saugas Massachusetts
    Ray, E.R. Halifax Savannah Georgia
    Redgrave, C.D. Lancaster New York New York
    Regimbal, L.J. Lancaster Durhamville New York
    Reid, K.M. Lancaster Sea Cliff New York
    Rember, R.A. Lancaster Cincinnati Ohio
    Reyburn, G.T. Wellington Louisville Kentucky
    Rich, G.H. Halifax San Francisco California
    Ridder, W.H. Wellington Long Island New York
    Riedy, R.H. Wellington Allentown Pennsylvania
    Robson, G.E. Training Cmd. Duluth Minnesota
    Roe, A.E. Lancaster Oakland California
    Romilly, E.M.D. Whitley Alexandria Virginia
    Rosen, W.B. Halifax New York New York
    Ross, W. Lancaster Mount Vernon New York
    Rossignol, J.L. Lancaster Miami Beach Florida
    Russell, R.A. A-20 Boston Kansas City Missouri
    Ruston, J.B. Wellington New York New York
    Ruto, E.B. Halifax Kansas City Missouri
    Ryan, T.J. Stirling Chicago Illinois
    Sanderson, M.W. Halifax Mitchell Nebraska
    Sanistsky, I.L. Halifax Chelsea Massachusetts
    Scheelar, A.F. Halifax Kimball Minnesota
    Schmeltz, F.D. Wellington Danbury Connecticutt
    Schopp, H.H. Lancaster Mexico Missouri
    Sellers, G.W. Stirling Oakland California
    Shadle, C.C. Wellington Oklahoma City Oklahoma
    Shagena, C.J. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Sheffler, L.W. Wellington Berkley West Virginia
    Shellnut, F.L. Halifax Birmingham Alabama
    Shelton, P.A. Halifax Tuscaloosa Alabama
    Sherrill, T.R. Lancaster Greenville South Carolina
    Simmons, C.W. Stirling Winston-Salem North Carolina
    Sleeth, S. Halifax Detroit Michigan
    Smith, E.G. Halifax Fitchburg Massachusetts
    Smith, E.O. Liberator Seattle Washington
    Smith, G.F. Wellington Sherman Texas
    Snyder, J.J. Wellington Kansas City Missouri
    Sponsler, H. Stirling White Hall Illinois
    Stageman, R.E. Wellington Chicago Illinois
    Stentiford, H.F. Whitley Roxbury Massachusetts
    Stevens, P.B. Halifax Cleveland Ohio
    Stvenson, J.M. Lancaster Parkchester New York
    Storey, A. Lancaster Jamaica Plain Massachusetts
    Studer, J.A. Halifax Excelsior Minnesota
    Surles, C.P. Halifax Lake Charles Louisiana
    Swihura, A.A. Lancastetr Bridgeport Connecticutt
    Sykes, E.E. Spitfire Chicago Illinois
    Sykes, L.T. Halifax Fort Benton Montana
    Tanner, K.B. Wellington Eastland Texas
    Taylor, J. Wellington Worcester Massachusetts
    Taylor, R.E. Wellington Booneville Indiana
    Taylor, T.J. Halifax New York New York
    Tazuk, J.E. Halifax Chico California
    Templeton, P.N. Wellington Wellington Texas
    Terwilliger, W.H. Whitley Detroit Michigan
    Thompson, C.S. Lancaster Big Rapids Michigan
    Thompson, J.B. Harvard Hartford Washington
    Todd, R.E. Wellington Colorado Springs Colorado
    Traver, H.W. Stirling Long Island New York
    Trippe, T.D. Lancaster Baltimore Maryland
    Tschantre, A.A. Halifax Knoxville Pennsylvania
    Turcotte, G.H. Ventura Detroit Michigan
    Turner, B.W. Halifax Anderson Indiana
    Turner, C.S. Halifax New York New York
    Tyler, W.S. Wellington Corpus Christie Texas
    Tyrone, G.L. Halifax Jacksonville Illinois
    Uditsky, A.P. Wellington Orange New Jersey
    Urquhart, R.N. Wellington New York New York
    Vail, D.T. Hurricane Cincinnati Ohio
    Valkenier, W.J. Wellington Detroit Michigan
    Vanburen, R.B. Halifax North Troy New York
    Vanbuskirk, D.B. Stirling Houston Texas
    Vanderbeck, R.E. Wellington Brooklyn New York
    Vose, R.B. Whitley Wareham Massachusetts
    Wagner, E.L. Wellington Bellingham Washington
    Wagner, R.E. Wellington Long Island New York
    Walters, E.J. Lancaster Oakmont Pennsylvania
    Warren, R.O. Whitley Kansas City Missouri
    Waye, W.C. Halifax Fitchburg Massachusetts
    Weakley, L.O.N. Halifax St. Joseph Missouri
    Webster, W.H. Wellington Lexington Massachusetts
    Wedin, A.O. Wellington Los Angeles California
    Wilding, J.A. Halifax New York New York
    Williams, R.E. Wellington Cynthia Kentucky
    Wilson, H.J. Lancaster Van Dyke Michigan
    Wilson, J.S. Liberator Trenton New Jersey
    Wilson, R.P. Halifax New York New York
    Withers, T.A. Jr. Halifax Roseland Virginia
    Wolfe, R.W. Willington McCleary Washington
    Wood, G.A. Lancaster Plymouth Massachusetts
    Woolford, J. Lancaster Charleston Illinois
    Wunsch, V.F. Stirling Buffalo New York
    Yapp, T.W. Wellington Duluth Minnesota
    Zareikin, J. Halifax Los Angeles California
    Zareikin, S. Halifax Los Angeles California

    ***Note: Over 8000 Americans served in the RCAF during World War II.


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    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform Ensign10

    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform Flag_canada
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    In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform Empty Re: In Memory of the 379 Americans Killed While Serving with Bomber Command and Wearing the RCAF Uniform

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    Thanks for the link. I've just forwarded this info. of to a friend in Houston, Texas.

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