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    June 11 Auction Pickups


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    June 11 Auction Pickups Empty June 11 Auction Pickups

    Post by jholl72 Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:39 pm

    Hey guys,
    Another big auction today. Picked up quite a bit of stuff again, prices were good again for the most part. There was some craziness going on with the bidding and a few things went above full retail price.
    There are only three WWII dated uniforms and one pair of WWII officers SD trousers and one RAF WWII officers greatcoat.
    I picked up 11 tankers helmets this time, ten Canadian and one Brit. The Brit one is for the collection, if any wants a CDN one let me know they are for sale.
    I got three MKII repaints for parts for good shells I already have and two MKIV's one from the 50's and the other is dated 1945.
    Camo net is 10' X 20' vehicle net. I also picked up a mixed lot of manuals from WWII including an aircraft recognition manual and another box of PPCLI Patrician books dating from the 60's to the 2000's.
    The post BD's are for sale also, cheap.LOL!

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