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    Dr. Roy Walcott Davis


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    Dr. Roy Walcott Davis Empty Dr. Roy Walcott Davis

    Post by mk1rceme Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:22 am

    Dr. Roy Walcott Davis Dr%20Roy%20Walcott%20Davis%20%20A Dr. Roy Walcott Davis Dr%20Roy%20Walcott%20Davis%20B Dr. Roy Walcott Davis Dr%20Roy%20Walcott%20Davis%20C

    I was born in Truro, Nova Scotia on 10 April 1922. My father E.W. Davis worked in the insurance business and my mother Carrie nee McCulloch worked as a homemaker. I was the youngest of four children. My two older brothers, who also served in World War II, were Gray and Murray and my older sister was Pauline. In 1939 I graduated from CCA (Truro).

    I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in Ottawa on 3 April 1941 and took my Basic Training in Toronto. On 27 April 1942 I was commissioned as a Navigator and was posted to Dorval, Quebec with Royal Air Force Ferry Command. I delivered 16 aircraft from the U.S.A.; Nassau, Bahamas; and Canada. My best friend Fred MacAllister and myself made a trip across the ocean at the same time and by finding someone in a high position, (Groupie at least), we talked him into transferring us to 6 Group (Canadian) Bomber Group. We were probably the only two that voluntarily transferred to Bomber Command. On our 5th trip to Kiel, Fred was posted Missing In Action.

    Another trip I recall was as follows: Master Bomber was in a Mosquito and radioed the password “CEASE BOMBING”. We had made orbit and answered the Master Bomber that we were on the bomb run and requested permission to bomb. Master Bomber replied “I see you, I will cover you”. Just then we were nailed by a flack ship which hit us in the port wing. Then the Bombardier said, “Look at this” and the Mosquito dove right down past us and the water turned white and the flack ship disappeared.

    With the Bomber Command 6 Group and with 415 Squadron Eastmoor I completed tour (32) in December 1944. Aircraft types I have flown include Hudson, DC-3, Liberator B-24, A-20 Boston, DC-4, A-30 Baltimore, C-47, Bolingbroke, Wellington, Halifax and Lancaster.

    I was Honorably Released and transferred to the Reserve, General Section, Class “E” on 12 October 1945. I was not wounded but did suffer hearing loss.

    I was awarded the 1939-45 Star and Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp, Operational Wings, Atlantic Star, Air Crew Europe, and the Defence Medal.

    In 1947 I enrolled in Dentistry at Dalhousie University and graduated in 1952. I practiced in Truro for most of my career, retiring in 1988. In September 1945 I married Agnes McLarnon, Agnes served as a Staff Sergeant with the Military Attaché in Washington, US. We raised two children Paul, who resides in Toronto and Suzanne, who resides in Truro Heights. We have one grandchild Krystie.

    My hobbies include golfing and curling and hunting and fishing. At one time I belonged to the Kiwanis and Red Cross. I am a 53 year member of Colchester N.S. Branch No. 26 Royal Canadian Legion.



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