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    ww2 RCHA badging help

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    ww2 RCHA badging help Empty ww2 RCHA badging help

    Post by fireguyfire Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:29 pm

    Hey guys; I have a stripped of insignia ww2 canadian battledress tunic, and i wanted to put it back in ww2 condition for display. I thought I would honour one of my great uncles who fought all through Italy, then through Holland and into Germany, and do the tunic up as his would have been. He was with the 1st Canadian Field Regiment, RCHA. I am assuming he would have had the red rectangle on his shoulders for the 1st, and Canada curved title above? I am told some of these artillery divisions wore the RCHA on a band on their epaulets, but I dont know enough to be sure, and I'm helping someone here can help me out in honouring him.

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