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    Flags of Remembrance


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    Flags of Remembrance  Empty Flags of Remembrance

    Post by Cameraguy Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:15 am

    Please take a minute and read. It is going to be an amazing sight! If you feel to,please sponsor a flag/plaque.Attached is also a photo of several unfinished plaques soon to have names of Veterans who have been given tribute and sponsored.

    "Flags of Remembrance"

    This October and each from here on in will witness an amazing tribute/campaign by Veterans Voices of Canada to our military heroes of Canada. This year it will begin in Central Alberta, and we will go on next year to have the same tribute in each province across Canada.

    I October of each year,Veterans Voices of Canada will place 128 Canadian flags, each representing 1000 Canadian fallen and missing in action soldiers from 1900-2016.

    Each flag can be sponsored by anyone who wants to give tribute.This can be family, an individual, business or someone who would like to give tribute to one Veteran per flag of their choice.The service person receiving tribute can be living or deceased,and from any service period/branch.The flags will be placed on Highway #11at RR12 just east of the Sylvan Lake intersection.

    For each flag we are asking a minimum donation of $200. This would raise much needed dollars for our organization for our remembrance,tribute and honour initiatives including our main mission...interviewing and documenting our Canadian militaryVeterans for history and education

    This  firstly will be an amazing tribute to the fallen of Canada’s military services, and secondly will be an all important campaign for Veterans Voices of Canada to help continue what it does best which is honouring our Veterans, old and young, through on camera documentation of our Canadian military Veterans for history and education.

    Flags will remain in place until the fist Saturday after Remembrance Day each year, where the sponsor or representative will be present to have their flag and commemorative maple leaf plaque(with Veteran information) handed over to them as a keepsake.This will be a ceremony with last post played as well.

    Passing traffic will not be able to avoid this tribute, and for those three weeks for a few moments of passing by will be thinking of our military heroes.
    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Allan Cameron at (403)887-7114 or

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