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    British No 73 Grenade Mk 1,


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    British No 73 Grenade Mk 1, Empty British No 73 Grenade Mk 1,

    Post by voltigeur Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:43 pm

    ©️ IWM (MUN 1588)

    This British Second World War period No 73 Grenade Mk 1, sometimes referred to as the 'Thermos Flask' model, for obvious reasons, was first introduced into service in November 1940, but declared obsolete in October 1941. It was reintroduced in March 1943 and again declared obsolete in January 1946. Although originally made as an anti-tank grenade, it was made obsolete when better anti-tank grenades became available, and whilst not particularly useful in the anti-tank role, it made a good demolition charge due to its large explosive content. Its re-introduction was probably as a small demolition charge for use by the infantry against pillboxes and dug in positions.

    British No 73 Mark I anti-tank hand grenade, Second World War period, metal and bakelite,cylinder, striker/fuse housing, safety cap large sheet steel cylinder; screw lid with threaded hole in centre; No 70 'Allways' fuse screwed into top. Bakelite striker housing (safety bolt and activating tape missing); bakelite safety cap screwed on top of striker housing; metal detonator housing tube missing from inside lid; painted khaki with red filling stripe painted around top. L 28.5cm x 8.3cm diameter.

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