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    French MM for 1st WW

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    French MM for 1st WW Empty French MM for 1st WW

    Post by Northman Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:58 pm

    How do I research a French MM from the 1st WW that was awarded to a soldier, not necessary a Canadian or Commonwealth but possibly a French or Russian maybe ? All I have is a name, E. TROCCAZ, MM (Fr), from a Canadian war memorial in the Yukon Territory.
    I do not know what army this fellow was with let alone by the spelling of his last name, what nationality he was. Nor do I have his date of death. All I know was that he may have been a gold miner living in the Yukon Territory in and around 1914.
    Can anyone help me out perhaps or know where to turn to ?

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