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    Check your World War One medals

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    Check your World War One medals Empty Check your World War One medals

    Post by pylon1357 Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:56 am

    Just thought I would share a little story here. As many of you know, my primary interest is Irish Regiment of Canada. I also have a fairly respectable collection of WWII Canadian metal insignia, cap badges, collar badges and metal titles.

    I also have an odd awry of medals. Years ago I decided I wanted an example of each of the WWI medals. As we know these are named to the recipients, unlike WWII medals and stars, generally speaking.

    I was prompted to go through my very small collection of WWI medals just see what I have, as none of these have been researched. I bought singles so I could have a nice example of these medals. Never gave much thought to the men behind them, until now.

    I started my preliminary research a couple of them low and behold, here is what I have to date.

    14-15 Star named to 42374 Gnr J Rycroft CAN FD ART well imagine my surprise when I find out he has post nominals DCM MM. More to follow as my research continues with this one.

    Also of note is a single British War Medal named to 27227 H Clark W YORK R. well he was killed 15 July 1916. Again more to follow on this one too.

    I guess what I am saying here, if you have a few named single medals, research them, could prove to be very interesting


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