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    Starting The Royal New Brunswick Regiment Museum

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    Starting The Royal New Brunswick Regiment Museum Empty Starting The Royal New Brunswick Regiment Museum

    Post by invicta104th Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:11 am

    I am a member of the 1st Battalion, Royal New Brunswick Regiment. I am in the process of organizing, cataloging, and displaying the unit's historical artifacts, documents, and photographs. I am asking for donations of any items (artifacts, documents, and photographs) that might be available, even images of items would be greatly appreciated. I understand that this request mught seem a bit shady but I can ensure you that it is completely legitimate. If anyone has any questions or concerns about this request please feel free to contact me and I can pass them on to my unit chain of command.

    Our aim in starting the museum is to make our Regimental history more tangible and accessable to the soldiers in the unit, and to the public, by properly displaying our historical items in our various armouries. We are not yet an acredited DND museum but we will be partnering with the New Brunswick Military History Museum at CFB Gagetown where some RNBR related displys will also be housed.

    We are looking for the donation, or even the loan of, any artifacts (badges, medals, uniforms, equipment etc), maps, photographs, and documents relating to any and all of the following units:

    Loyalist Provincial Corps (American Revolution)
    New Brunswick Militia (1780's to 1867)
    104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot (War of 1812)
    The St. John Volunteer Bn
    62nd St. John Volunteer Bn
    62nd St. John Bn of Infantry
    62nd Bn “St. John Fusiliers”
    62nd Regiment “St. John Fusiliers”
    St. John Fusiliers
    The Saint John Fusiliers
    The Saint John Fusiliers (M.G.)
    The 7th Canadian Machine Gun Bde, CMGC (post WW1)
    7th Canadian Machine Gun Bn, CMGC (post WW1)
    28th New Brunswick Dragoons
    New Brunswick Dragoons
    The New Brunswick Regiment (Tank)
    64th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (New Brunswick Regiment), RCA
    104th Field Battery, RCA
    Carleton Light Infantry
    67th Bn “Carleton Light Infantry”
    67th Regiment “Carleton Light Infantry”
    The Carleton Light Infantry
    York Provisional Volunteer Bn
    71st York Volunteer Bn
    71st York Regiment
    The York Regiment
    The Carleton & York Regiment
    73rd Northumberland (New Brunswick) Bn of Infantry
    73rd Northumberland Regiment
    Northumberland (New Brunswick) Regiment
    The North Shore (N.B.) Regiment
    The Newcastle Field Battery, RCA
    The 12th “Newcastle” Field Battery, RCA
    90th (Newcastle) Field Battery, CFA
    28th (Newcastle) Field Battery, RCA
    28th Field Battery, RCA
    5th Field Regiment, RCA
    74th Bn of Infantry
    74th Regiment
    74th Regiment “The New Brunswick Rangers”
    The New Brunswick Rangers
    South New Brunswick Regiment
    New Brunswick Scottish Regiment
    1st Bn, New Brunswick Regiment (Carleton & York)
    1st Bn, Royal New Brunswick Regiment (Carleton & York)
    2nd Bn, New Brunswick Regiment (North Shore)
    2nd Bn, Royal New Brunswick Regiment (North Shore)

    CEF Units

    12th Bn
    26th Bn
    44th Bn
    55th Bn
    64th Bn
    104th Bn
    115th Bn
    132nd Bn
    140th Bn
    145th Bn
    165th Bn
    236th Bn
    237th Bn
    New Brunswick Regiment, 1st Depot Bn
    New Brunswick Forestry Company, Canadian Forestry Corps
    New Brunswick Machine Gun Draft, Canadian Machine Gun Corps
    28th Battery, CFA
    6th Mounted Rifle Bn

    I thank you in advance for your consideration and support of this project.

    David C Hughes CD
    CSM B Coy / Regtl Historian
    1 RNBR
    (506) 460-7430

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