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    The Fabric of War


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    The Fabric of War Empty The Fabric of War

    Post by Bill Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:21 am

    With my narrative of the history of Canadian cloth shouldler titles, The Fabric of War complete, I am moving on to adding images charts, diagrams, etc. I am looking for images that clearly show shoulder titles in wear. This includes CEF units, Second World War and post war through unification. Colour images welcome. Credit will be given on the images used. I have hundreds of images from LAC / Faces of War and DHH files and what I am looking for are fresh images showing the insignia in wear. It is stressed that these need to show the title clearly.
    In particular, right now I am looking for images showing the worsted and khaki drill titles. Clear images of the worsted and khaki drill slip-ons in wear are needed. Images of other types of insignia will be needed for other chapters, including printed and embroidered titles overseas and in Canada during the war. Post war images will be needed for that chapter. I am especially interested in pictures of obscure or seldom seen insignia in wear. For example, the 19 Alberta Dragoons Staghound patches or the Yukon Regiment militia, etc, etc. Please let me know what you may have. Credit will be given for images used.

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