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    Manor Farm dugout made by 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Company

    Marc Coene
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    Manor Farm dugout made by 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Company Empty Manor Farm dugout made by 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Company

    Post by Marc Coene Sat May 27, 2017 10:00 am


    I live at Manor Farm in Ypres, this is a farm that was completely demolished in first World War.
    I made a website about the farm and its history, mainly situated in WWI.
    There is also a page dedicated to Manor Farm dugout made by 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Company.

    You can find it on:

    I found some info about the dugout (when it was made in december 1917 and that after making it was handed over to Royal Garrison Artillery as shelter.
    But I never found a drawing of how the dugout may have looked although of all dugout there were drawings made. I have not been in Canadian Archives at Ottawa and on line there are quite some information that is marked as 'open' but that is not available.
    For instance there are nominal rolls, field messages, maps, work reports in source RG 9 III C 5, vol 4427, folder 2 but it not available on line but marked as 100 % open.
    So my question is if there is somebody that has family for instance served with 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Company that perhaps was at our farm in the time for making the dugout. You never know there are photos or some history known. Finding a drawing of the dugout will be more difficult but say never, never.......

    Ps I was in the war Archives in KEW Great Britain were there are also copies of the war diarees of 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Companies but there were no maps of Manor Farm dugout.
    Ps Earlier we found already rests of  rubber trench boots on the land around (made by Montreal rubber company) that might have served for making or entering the dugout (photos on my website).

    Thanks for any possible info.

    Manor Farm

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