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    Commonwealth Slang Empty Commonwealth Slang

    Post by mk1rceme Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:06 pm

    Here is a compiled list of Canadian and Commonwealth military slang from over the years. **If you offend easy, I recommend not reading any further into this post. Not sure if all that is here is legitimate slang and/or terms and can not account for the lists credibility.

    The list is still a work in progress, so if you would like to add something...please do so.

    Remember, this is all just in good fun and not intended to be serious in any enjoy the read!

    1000 Yard Stare - Sign of combat fatigue, wariness, concentration on peripheral vision
    5 by 5 - Loud and clear, everything is working 100%

    A rations - Fresh food
    Act Lively! - Hurry up
    Ackers - Money
    After Supper Soldier - Reservist who conducts training on Thursday evenings
    Air Force Gloves - Pockets: "I see you're wearing your Air Force gloves today." (see American gloves)
    Aldershit - A term used to describe LFAATC Aldershot, where whenever there is training, the weather takes a nosedive. AKA Alderschwitz
    Alleyman - British for a German (from the French Allemand, meaning German)
    American Gloves - Pockets (see Air Force Gloves)
    American Proof - Refers to any equipment or technique that is idiot proof to a degree that it may even be mastered by our colleagues from the US military - also 'Yank Proof' and "Infantry Proof"
    Ammos - Standard issue boots
    Amphibious Training - Particular to the summer, meaning to screw off early from work and head to the beach
    Anchor Cranker - Naval personnel
    Antonio - Portuguese soldier
    Archie - Anti-aircraft fire
    Artillery ears - Nerve damage from loud noises
    Artillery punch - Alcoholic punch
    Armourers - Weapons techs aka: Gun plumbers
    Around when Centurion was a rank, not a tank - Old NCO (also referred to as having been Jesus Christs fire team partner or been in since Christ was a Corporal)
    As you were! - Cancels previous command
    Awaiting Parts - Refers to one who displays a lack of courage or intestinal fortitude

    Baby shit - Mustard
    Bag Drive - An extensive, excessive activity marked by great levels of physical and mental strain
    Bag of Hammers - see Bag of Shit.
    Bag of Shit - Someone or something that is or appears to be sloppy, clumsy, incompetent, useless, et cetera.
    Balls up - Total confusion, similar to American "everything is balled up"
    Banjo - Aussie for shovel
    Barker - Sausage (thinking they were made of dog meat) also referred to a pistol
    Battery acid - Mess hall coffee
    Balls to Nut Sack - Members grouped uncomfortably close together
    Balls to the Wall - Term coined by Canadian fighter pilots in WWII. Meaning is thought to be to jam the throttle controls to the instrument panel in order to accelerate fast.
    Band Fag - CF musician
    Band geek - Musician
    Band-aid Tech - Medics who are notorious for their medical skills
    Bandie, Bandy - Musician
    Bang Stick - Rifle
    Base Bunny - In reference to Buckle Bunny, a bull-rider's girlfriend, who wears his trophy buckle out of pride for her man. Battalion Bicycle - see Shack Rat
    Beers Down Range - To drink socially
    Belt Fed Cock - Any punishment or hardship high in intensity, and long in duration
    Biff - Traitor, backstabber. See Buddy F***er (for members of the CF from Cape Breton it means to throw something or biff it)
    Bin Rat - Supply Technician
    Bint - Woman
    Birth Control Glasses - Canadian Forces-issued combat spectacles that, while appropriate for eye protection in a tactical situation, are downright hideous
    Bitter - Mis-pronounciation of German "Bitte" meaning "Please"
    Biscuits - Crackers or cookies
    Black Cadillacs - Combat boots. Used ironically in reference to use as a mode of transport
    Black Death - Mess hall coffee
    Black Hatter - Armoured crewman. Named after the black berets worn by the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Does not apply to Navy personnel
    Blade - See Biff. Can be used as a noun "He's a blade" or a verb "I got bladed."
    Blanco - British trade name for color-cake used to color web equipment
    Blanket Drill - Sleep
    Blanket Stacker - Supply Technician
    Blighty - Home
    Blitz - Bombardment
    Blivit - Nonsense word, used as profanity
    Block Leave - A period of leave during which an entire unit or command is nowhere to be found. Usually happens in summer and at Xmas, but is forbidden to units or commands who work on a 365 basis (i.e. the Air Force).
    Bloke - Guy
    Blouse - Jacket or shirt
    Blue Rocket - Standard portable toilet that can be found everywhere on a base. Has a rather nasty habit of tipping over when occupied and people are bored—if they're angry, on the door
    Blue Water - The strategy that England depend on it's navy & avoid contact with continental armies
    Boat - Ask any sailor, "it means submarine you idiot". If it sails above the water then it's a ship
    Boat Person - Sailor - also Dory Plug or Fish Head
    Boche - German
    Bob - Shilling - 1/20th of an English pound
    Bobbagee - Cook
    BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
    Boko - A lot (from the French beaucoup)
    Bonk - To shell with artillery fire
    Bonzer - Good, cool
    Boonie Cap - Floppy field hat worn in field environment
    Boot Camp - Basic training. For soldiers, this can also include the Soldier's Qualifications Course
    Boot F***ed - Severe punishment, Sometimes the real boot up your ass, usually coming from a SGT or above. (Not legally used after 1994 harassment policy.)
    Bos'n pay - Bananas
    Box Kicker - Supply technician
    Box Respirator - Gas mask with canister carried in bag connected to face mask with hose
    Braces - Suspenders
    Brain Fart - Slang for a short period of forgetfulness
    Brain Housing Group - Slang for the skull
    Brat - Military Brat - Someone who has spent their youth being raised by a regular-force member
    Brit Hay Box - Refers to the "portable shitters" - British mess food is the shits
    Buckshee - free or spare (i.e buckshee private = recruit)
    Buddy F***er - Describes someone who, whether intentionally or not, acts in a manner totally inconsiderate to the welfare of his/her peers, potentially harming them in the process
    Bugger off - To stop, Get lost
    Bully Beef - English canned beef
    Bum - Butt
    Bumblef*** - Engage in activity with no purpose or end benefit
    Bundook - Rifle
    Bung - Cheese
    Bunny suit - Chemical defense suit, used for defense against chemical warfare
    Burgoo - Porridge
    Buzzer - Field telephone

    C Rations - Combat rations, canned food, C Rats, Charlie's Rats, Cees
    CP - Command Post
    C&E - Clothing & Equipment
    Cadpat Garden - Army way of learning things (goes right along with <death>)
    Calvados - Liquor
    Canned Cow - Canned milk
    Canary - Air Force: too pretty to shoot, too yellow to fight
    Can Opener - Any anti armour weapon
    Canteen Queen - Someone who always volunteers for the canteen
    Capitol - Good, grand
    Careborne - Slang for SAR Tech
    Career Mangler - Career Manager. A senior member of your occupation at NDHQ who makes the decisions about your career development and your geographical and/or unit postings. Depending on his/her decisions, they are thought of as a great friend or your worst nightmare.
    Casualties - Unavailable for military duty due to injury, disease or death
    Cat Craps - Ontario Regiment nickname
    Cement Head - Infantier: as in need a chisel and mallet to penetrate the thick skull
    CFL - Corporal for life; Also Captain for life
    Chairborne Ranger - Anyone whose primary duties are performed behind a desk
    Chairforce - Air Force
    Char - Tea
    Char Wallah - Tea server
    Charlie Foxtrot - The phonetic letters CF, abbreviation of cluster f***
    Charpoy - Bed
    Cheesie - Slang for SAR Tech, due to the bright orange suits they wear
    Chief - The senior-most officer appointment of a branch, staffing, element, etc.
    Chemist - The cook who conducts chemical experiments with food
    Chicken F***ers - A most offensive nickname given to The Royal Canadian Regiment
    Chicken Ranch - CFB Petawawa, home of 1RCR and 3RCR. See also Chicken F***ers
    Chimo! - A form of greeting or war-cry used by the Canadian Military Engineers. Can mean the following: "Hello!", "Cheers" et cetera. It is normally shouted in unison after engineers are dismissed from parade, or as a compliment in place of "good job" or "have a good night!"
    Chit - Written message, Voucher for money
    Chub - Shut up!
    Chuggernuts - Used as a nickname for stupid soldiers (e.g."Take a look at chuggernuts there" or "Going to find chuggernuts, be right back")
    Cinderella leave - Shipboard leave expiring at, or before, 2359hrs. Usually for only for junior members of the Ship's Company or if the ship is sailing early
    Circus Battalion - A Service Battalion, coined by not just how it rhymes, but also the nature of certain Service Battalion as being severely disorganized: "they set up tents, and are staffed by clowns"
    Civvies - Civilian attire; civilians
    Clear as mud - Usually used to ask if you understand something which is being taught during a military lesson.
    Closed Up - Someone who is competent, alert and deports oneself in a professional manner. The opposite of shit pump
    Clown - American (Revolutionary War)
    Club Ed - Slang for Edmonton Detention Barracks
    Coal/Newcastle Expression - "That's like hauling coal toNewcastle"
    COCK - Confirmation Of Combat Knowledge
    Cockmeat sandwich - A form of discipline received from more than one superior at more than one occasion for the same incident.
    Combat Florist - Slang for the Signals trade, refers to the Hermes on their cap badge, resembling the FTD florist symbol. aka Herpes
    Conchie - Conscientious objector
    Cooties - Lice, crotch crickets
    Copacetic - Allright (Amer.)
    Cornflake - A tri-service cap badge affixed to a new CF member's beret in his or her early recruit stages. "Cornflake" also serves as a term for a member in this early stage of his or her career.
    Cornflake treatment - The cornflake is normally a sign that the member is new to the Canadian Forces and is given according treatment: superiors will supervise them with more scrutiny, to note and correct their mistakes, discipline when necessary and behave as an example to follow.
    Corned Willie - Corned Beef
    Corpuscle - Corporal
    Cowering Inferno - NDHQ
    Crocker cocker - A derogatory term used for the poorly designed ambidextrous cocking handle latch on the upgraded C7A2 rifle which has the bad habit of getting caught on everything and breaks frequently.
    Crump - Shell-burst
    Crunch - To go to the bathroom number two, see also MOVEMENT.
    Crunchie - An armoured term; dismounted infantry. Derived from what it is imagined to sound like when a tank runs over an infantry soldier.
    C*** - "Candidate Under Normal Training", goes hand in hand with COCK. I.E. "I'm going to give those C***S some COCK!"
    Cushy - Comfortable or easy
    Cutest women across Canada/Quacks - CWAC's

    D-bar - Emergency ration of chocolate with sugar,oat flour, vitamins, vanillin
    Death Before Dismount - Unofficial Armoured Corps motto, usually used my non-Armoured types (i.e. crunchies) as humour.
    Death by Powerpoint - An overly long, excruciatingly boring class or presentation that makes overuse of said program.
    Deep Shit - Difficult situation
    Deck Ape - Boatswain
    Desert Stove - Tin can with sand & gasoline, or hole with water & some gasoline
    Dharzi Wallah - Tailor
    Dhobi Wallah - Laundry man
    Dicey - Chancey
    Dirty Cowboy - A member of the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry
    Disneyland joke - A recurring joke often used by instructors on students during a recruit course, in order to gain volunteers for a mundane task. This can also involve ice cream or candy.
    Disneyland on the Rideau - National Defense Headquarters
    Dive bombing - Picking up litter
    Digger - ANZAC
    Dixie - Food container
    Dogf*** - Engage in severe laziness, or severe procrastination.
    Donkey - A foolish individual
    Donut Dollies - Red Cross volunteers, biscuit bitches (Brit.)
    Double Cock - Getting twice the amount of discipline. Or receiving discipline from two people at the same time.
    Dozer - Aviation Technician
    Drip pan - A female soldier in a Service Battalion who engages in promiscuity.
    Drop Ass - To expel intestinal gas through the anus; break wind
    Drop your cocks and grab your socks - Get out of bed
    Duck board - The boards used to line the bottom of trenches

    Egg - Hand grenade (or bomb)
    Englishman - Brit, Tommy, Limey, Someone who is either unfriendly or needs something
    Emma gee - Machine gun (phonetic)
    Ersatz - German reserves - Replacements
    Excuse me - Get out of my way. (Brit.)

    Fag - Cigarette
    Fall in! - Get into formation
    Fanti - crazy/mad
    FARB - Far be it from authentic
    Fart sack - Sleeping bag
    Fat pills - Slang for dessert items, i.e., cake, candy. Also known as; Jim booglies, fizzy pops; licky chewies
    Field Force - Portion of British Army immediately available
    FIGJAM - F*** I'm Good, Just Ask Me. Used when one has confidence in their ability and it shows.
    FIGMO - F*** it, Got My Orders, generally refers to someone who is posted and has received their posting message and their lack of interest in their current position. Would hear someone who is posted say they are "Figmoed" means they are done.
    Fill your boots - Take as much as you want. Help yourself
    Fitter - A CF-18 Engine Tech
    Fitter & Turner - A Cook: as he fits perfectly good food into pots and turns it into shit
    FK9 - Slang for "F***ing the Dog"
    Flap - Excitement or confusion
    Flat Face Civvy - Person who has no idea what the military does - also reffers to oriental origin civilian.
    Fleabag - Sleeping bag/bedroll (often referring to that of an officer)
    Floor Chimp - Refers to Vehicle technician on account a trained monkey can do what they do.
    FML - Term used when tasked with a job that is considered to be unpleasant. Standing for F*** My Life.
    FNG - F***ing new guy
    FOBIJAR - F*** Off Buddy I'm Just A Reservist. Might be heard from a reservist if given an undesirable task by a Regular Force member.
    FOBit - Also FOB Hobit - A soldier who never leaves a forward operating base (FOB). See also KAFer, Hesco Hobit
    Foot in your ass - Severe discipline. "If one of you isn't pulling your weight here, you will feel the shock of my foot in your ass!!!"
    Football - Soccer
    Fragiles - Avionics techs (pronounced like fraggle)
    Fraternization - To associate with the enemy or conquered enemy
    Fritz - A German
    Frog - Frenchman
    Frozen Chosen - Slang term for anyone having served a sentence at the end of the world, commonly known as CFS Alert
    F***-o - An incompetent, obnoxious, bumbling oaf. Like a bag of shit but even worse. Perhaps a play on common officer titles such as 'Admin O' or 'Sup O'.
    FUBAR - F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
    FUBB - F***ed Up Beyond Belief
    F***-off - an auxiliary superlative. "Reference that big F***-off tree at 2 o'clock."
    F*** off - F*** you/get away
    F***ed up - Fouled up
    Full time retard - Member of the regular forces
    Funnel faggot - Any member of the Marine Engineering Branch.
    Furphie - Aussie for rumour

    GAFF - Give a F*** Factor i.e. "My GAFF is pretty low right now"
    Gaggle F*** - A disorganized mass of people who aren't doing anything productive
    Gagtown – A term used to refer to CFB Gagetown
    Germans - Boche, Fritz, Kraut, Heinie, Hun, Jerry, Fritzie, Hermann, Lugerhead, Katsenjamer
    Get on the dog/Get the dog on - To put one's best effort forward. Derived the naval term "Dog" which is what sailors use to control the sail of a ship.
    Glamour Boys - Friendly nickname for the 48th Highlanders
    Glue bag - A person who is a moron
    Go to ground - To go to bed
    Gods Gift to Horny Girls - Another nickname for the GGHG's. Probably invented within the ranks.
    Gongs - Medals
    Goo Goo Foo Goos/Girl Guides Fornicate Good - GGFG's
    Good Show! - Approval (Brit.)
    Grape smugglers - Slang for the swim trunks you get issued in basic training.
    Gravel technician - Infantry soldier. Created on grounds that the Infantry spend much time digging.
    Gravy - Having an easy time
    Green light - Paratrooper. Taken from the 'Go'/'No Go' lights when jumping.
    Green pyjamas - Collective term given to the former olive-green combat dress.
    Grid Map angle reading - A reading which does not correct for magnetic declination
    Ground pounder - Infantry soldier; gunner
    Ground sheet - See drip pan. Taken from its literal form of noun— a padded mat on top of which soldiers sleep. Normally said in combat trades.
    Growlies - Slang for food
    Grunt - A large Bornian ground-dwelling ape that digs holes for no apparent reason (PONGO) —infantry soldier. Also: Government Reject Unfit Naval Training
    Guard Order - Equipment worn while on guard (Brit.)
    Gucci kit - Non issued kit or equipment bought by the soldier
    Gun plumber - Weapons technician, responsible for repairing firearms.
    Gunner - A trained private in the RCA, can also informally refer to an artillery soldier at any rank: "once a gunner, always a gunner." Also used as a call sign for the machine gunner in a formation of members who bear rifles.
    Gugga Huggas - Nickname for the GGHG's
    Guppy - Naval recruit
    Gut Truck - Slang for the Coy Canteen vehicle. aka Roach Coach, Goodie truck
    Gut Wrenches - Cutlery/eating utensils

    Ham Fisted - Something that is so unbelievably tight that the person who installed it has hams for fists.
    Hang dump - Slang for hovering over a cold blue rocket seat while defecating
    Hasty P's/Plough Jockeys - Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
    Have a go - Start something (Brit.)
    Haybox - A large insulated container used for serving and storing food in field operations.
    Head Shed - Any headquarters element.
    Head shrinker - Slang for the base therapist.
    Headspace and timing check - Slang for a visit to the base therapist.
    Heine - German Soldier
    Herbie - Canadian soldier
    Herman the German - Figure printed on figure 11 targets at a rifle range
    Hesco Hobitt - A timid creature who never strays from the protective embrace of an area surrounded by Hesco Bastions- see also FOBit, KAFer
    Hindquarters and Pigs - Headquarters and Sigs(Signals) Squadron of any brigade
    Hit the dirt! - Take cover
    Hit the sack - Go to bed
    Home Guard - Civilian army (Brit.)
    Honey wagon - Slang term for the chemical toilet maintenance vehicle
    Hooah!, HUA!—heard, understood, acknowledged, borrowed from the U.S. Army term or the USMC's "OOO-RAH! Used in a ironic manner, for a idiotic task that you have no enthusiasm in doing.
    Hop the bags - Going over the top
    Horse cock - A flexible spout used for pouring fuel from a jerry can to a vehicle.
    Hump - Carry or lift a load, originally an Australian term meaning "to carry one's swag", also a forced march carrying full equipment loads.
    Hurry up and wait—denotes a situation where something isn't well organized, is rushed into by personnel and some form of delay makes them all wait in the end.

    I must puke - Individual Meal Pack (IMP), referring to a dislike for the pre-packaged food.
    Idiot stick - Rifle or shovel
    Igaree - Aussie for "hurry up!" (alternate spelling: Iggry)
    Illegitimis non carborundum - Don't let the bastards wear you down (phony Latin)
    Infantard - Infantry Solider. Based on the belief that most infantry soldiers are not quite as bright as their peers
    Infantillery - Artillery Solider employed in an infantry role; artillerymen performing infantry-like tasks
    Iron Fist - Hat badge of the Armoured Corps

    Jacked up - To have one's faults corrected in a swift and severe manner.
    Jag on - To get a jag on; to hurry up
    Jammie - Everything is good to go
    Jankers - On punishment duty/confined to barracks
    Jerry - British chamberpot(German helmet) (Brit.)
    Jesus ______ - An item that is of monumental, singular importance. For example, if a particular computer in an office should not fail or be tampered with whatsoever, it is the "Jesus Computer".
    Jimmy - A member of the Signals branch. The Executive officer of HMC ships—from RN "Jimmy the One." Also the nickname of the statue of Hermes at the CFB Kingston main gate
    Jimmy Jesus - St Andrew holding the cross
    Jink - Weave to avoid gunfire
    Johns,the - Regina Rifle Regiment. WWII
    Joker - Wise guy
    JOUT - Junior Officer Under Training
    Jug F*** - A disaster in the making

    KAFer - A soldier who never leaves the Kandahar Airfield while deployed in Afghanistan. See also FOBIT
    Keener—Someone who is always too enthusiastic to do any task.
    KFS - Knife, Fork, Spoon
    Killed - Bought the farm, bought it, cashed it in,
    Killick—Naval slang for a Leading Seaman. Really means spare anchor, from the anchor on the rank badge back in the pre-1960's Navy.
    Kilroy - Legendary WWII graffiti artist
    King's English - Proper English, as opposed to working class English or slang (Brit.)
    Kit - Personal effects
    Kitch - Aussie term for British soldiers (from Kitchener)
    Knock it off! - Stop it
    Knuckle dragger - Armourer, weapons tech

    Lager - Vehicle camp (Ger.) (Law-gur)
    Lake Soups - Lake Superior Regiment
    Last post - British term for taps, the call to retire for the night
    Lawn dart—Paratrooper
    LBRT - Little Black Rubber Thingy. Used to tie down vehicle tarps.
    LCF - Look Cool Factor. Used in reference to the look of a piece of equipment and its affect on fashion
    Leaf of grief—Slang for one being promoted to Master Corporal, often accompanied by a large amount of extra responsibility and little reward.
    Leg - Term used by members of the Airborne to refer to non-jumpers. Means "lacks enough guts".
    Liberate - To confiscate, commandeer, or loot an object
    Light colonel—lieutenant-colonel. Used referentially, never when addressing the officer.
    Light up - Shooting at an enemy
    Line ape - A member of the Lineman trade, in army signals.
    Links and Winks - Lincoln & Welland Regiment
    Live ammunition - Service ammunition as opposed to blank
    Living the dream - A term quite often sarcasticly used when situations dictate the direct opposite
    Log/Log Wog—a member of the Logistics branch. See Ren & Stimpy's 'Log Song' for more details.
    London/Brick Expression - :"I'll bet London to a Brick that..."
    Londonderry Air - London derriere (sex) (Brit.)
    Lone bone—a Private bearing one chevron
    Loo - Toilet, latrine (Brit.)
    Lorry - Truck (Brit.)
    Loudership - Refers to the art of leading by screaming
    Lucifer - Match
    Lung in a bag - I.M.P. (field ration) meal of omelet in mushroom sauce, referring to its appearance. Originally referred to the old Ham Omelet IMP from the 80s

    Ma'am - see "Sir"
    Maconochie - Canned stew
    Mad minute - Intense fire for short period
    Mag - Magnetic compass reading, magazine.
    Maknoon - mad
    Malingerer - Slang for a soldier who constantly uses the MIR to avoid work. See Sick, Lame and Lazy.
    Marching Order - Equipment worn in the field when marching (Brit.)
    Master Jack - Master Corporal.
    Mate - Friend (Brit.)
    Mayonnaise Highlanders/Maisies - Friendly nickname for Le Regiment de Maisonneuve from WWII.
    Mayor of Tune Town - Band Officer
    Meatbomb - Paratrooper
    Meathead - Member of the Canadian Forces Military Police. Likely a reference to the scarlet beret that an MP wears, though it has said to have been used prior to the scarlet's wearing. May also refer to the contents of the beret.
    Meat wagon - Ambulance (WWII)
    Mess tools - Eating utensils
    Metal bashers - Aircraft Structures Technician.
    Mil - 6400 mils = 360 degrees, 1 mil angle is 1 unit off at 1000 units range.
    Milverado - Slang for the MILCOT.
    MIR Commando - A member of your unit who goes to the MIR (medical inspection room) frequently attempting to get out of work.
    ML-acopter - Slang term for MLVW, when used on exercise to transport troops, when the budget is too small to pay for helicopter transport.
    Moppers-up - Troops who stay behind an advancing column preventing attack from the rear. Also called a Shotgun
    Moral Tech 00069 - A promiscuous female soldier
    Morale booster - A female soldier who engages in promiscuity with multiple members of her unit
    Mount up! - Get into vehicles
    Movement - To go to the bathroom number two.
    MRE - Abbreviation for Meal Ready to Eat (a soldier's food in the field) aka Meal rejected by Ethiopians
    MSE Op - Means Mobile support equipment Operator, Also refered to as "ME Start Engine Sometimes...Maybe" Refers to Military Truck Drivers.
    Muckle on - The act of sorting out troops, or solving a problem. i.e. "Pte Bloggins, muckle on to that broom and start sweeping"
    Mudford - Term of 'endearment' for LFCATA Meaford. Said to be where 'happiness goes to die.'
    Mukim - Butter
    Muzzled - Wearing a gas mask

    N/S - Non-serviceable, non-functioning, broken, official jargon.
    Naik - Corporal
    Napoo - Done, used up
    NATO standard - A Tim Hortons (also referred to as Tango Hotel) Large regular or 1 n 1 coffee.
    Navy gravy - Ketchup
    Nervous Battalion - Refers to service battalion troops who go to the field or outside the wire.
    Ninjas - The Special-Forces arm of the CF.
    No guts no glory - Something said just before "going over the top"
    No hook - A Private below his or her qualification course specific to trade, who does not have a chevron or "hook" on his or her epaulet, unlike trained Privates who do. Can also apply to an Ordinary Seaman, which is the naval equivalent to a no-hook.
    Not On - Used to describe something that is unacceptable, or something that shouldn't happen—"that is NOT ON."
    Numpty - Someone who is 'none too swift', see 'bag of shit'.

    OD - Olive drab
    Oh Dark Stupid - Refers to times where most military personel wake up
    Omar the Tent Maker - Refers to Materials Technician
    One hook - A Trained Private, whose hook signifies competency in his or her trade. Also denotes an Able Seaman in the Navy.
    OPI - Usually referred to as Office of Primary Interest, but in this case it refers to "Only Person Interested".
    Order of the Shovel - Mythical "Order of the Shovel" award (to be killed and buried)
    Ossifer - Officer
    Other Ranks - An older term for Non Commissioned Members of the Forces used by officers; it is considered very inappropriate today.
    Overseas cap - Cap which folds over belt

    P.T. - Physical Training (P.E.)
    Paperclips - Refers to the crossed chain links on the badge of the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch, which to the untrained eye appear to be paperclips.
    Parnee - Water
    Part Changer/Wrench Bender - Slang for mechanics
    Pecker Checker - Medic
    Pee Halt - Halt in march to relieve oneself
    Pencil-pusher - Admin clerk
    Petrol - Gasoline (Brit.)
    Phutt - To stop functioning
    Piddley Gees/The Plugs - WWII nicknames for the 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards.
    Piddley shit - That which does not matter
    Picklie/Pickly - A member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (from PPCLI)
    Picklies - The PPCLI
    Pig - Term used for machine gun due to its weight, and appetite for ammunition.
    Pigboat - Named given to the former Gate Vessels of the Naval Reserves. All 5 were decommissioned in the mid 1990s. Originally used to open harbor gates during WWII. It was said they were made of "Pig steel"
    Pigsticker - Bayonet
    Ping Pong Champions of Long Island - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
    Please Protect Canada's Little Idiots - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
    Plug - A very stupid or incompetent person. From the fuze plug/lifting eye that is screwed into the front of an artillery shell until the actual fuze is installed. See also "Shit Pump"
    POC - Point Of Contact
    Point man - Lead man on patrol
    Point, press, and pray - Also known as marksmanship principles
    PONTI - Person Of No Tactical Importance. See OCDT
    Poontang - Sex, or woman as a sexual object, French:"putain" - whore)
    Poultry molesters - Politically correct term for the RCR's, also known as poultry fornicators.
    Possie - Aussie for position. As in "we"ve got a good possie here"
    Possy - Jam. Not to be confused with "possie"
    Potato masher - German grenade
    Princess Picklies - Long slang for a member of the PPCLI
    Private Bloggins, Gunner Bloggins, Sapper Bloggins etc. - The CF's Everyman.
    Provo - Military Police
    Pub - Bar (Brit.)
    Purple Shaft - Mythical Order of the Purple Shaft with Barbed Wire Cluster
    Puzzle Palace - Slang for National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.

    Quarter-inch Admiral - A derogatory term for a CF Officer Cadet, whether Army, Navy or Air Force; refers to the thin gold rank braid worn by these members on their tunics.
    Queers on the Run - Offensive nickname for The Queen's Own Rifles Regiment (QOR)
    Quickest Outta Ridgeway - Another for the Queens Own Regt.(QOR)
    Quid - English pound (Brit.)

    Rack out - Go to sleep, or take a nap/ lie down. See 'rock out with your cock out'
    Rag Picker - Supply Technician
    Ragtime - Disorderly/absurd
    Ranker - Soldier serving in the ranks (Brit.)
    Recce by death—unofficial motto of armoured reconnaissance. Refers to the chance of survival of an unarmed, unarmoured Iltis, or G-Wagon, upon encountering the enemy.
    Red Eye - Catsup (also "blood")
    Red Lead - Fire Fighters
    Regimental air mattress - see 'Ground Sheet'
    Relish suit - Collective term for the CADPAT uniform
    Rental - Reservist
    Reserve Cock - Discipline coming from a Sgt. thinking that everything has to be stressed out. Or a tasking done to kill time that shouldn't really be done.
    Rigamarole - Rambling or confused, incoherent talk
    Rileys - Nickname for the RHLI
    Ring Knocker - One who has attended RMC
    Rise & Shine - Get up
    Rock Out With Your Cock Out - Just finished a job, or duty, and now having nothing to do. You can relax and relax. see rack out, and smoke and joke
    Roger Dildo - Slang for Roger Wilco
    Rooti - Bread
    Rooti-gong - Long service medal
    Rosalie - French for bayonet
    RTFO—Stands for "Right the F*** Out of er"
    Rubber Head - Term used for Communicator Research Operator.
    Run Chicken Run - Another friendly term for the RCR's

    Sammy - Early name for American soldiers
    San fairy ann - British term of resignation - "it just doesn't matter" (from the French Ca ne fait rien)
    Sand - Mess hall sugar
    Sand Box - Refers to Afghanistan
    Sapper - A trained private combat engineer, or informally a combat engineer of any rank.
    Sarge - Sergeant; used informally
    SAS - Referenced to Reserve members and defined as Saturdays and Summers
    Saturday soldier - Reservist
    Sausage - Observation balloon
    Sausage fest - Slang for a situation where there are no women, only a lot of men.
    Saw! - British pronouncement of "Sir!"
    Seagull - Mess hall chicken
    Secret Squirrels - Members of JTF2
    Sergeant Major Moustache - Term used to describe a moustache styled with wax in a manner that resembles the Pringles logo character. It is normally worn by senior non-commissioned members, such as Sergeants, Warrant Officers, hence its name. They are most popular in combat arms regiments.
    Sewer trout - Mess hall fish
    Shacks - Quarters of any time, not a reference to quality/comfort.
    Shack hack - Any illness that has spread quickly in quarters.
    Shack rat - A serviceman who is left in barracks to do extra clean-up for the day. Or, any female who enters quarters to engage in promiscuity with those living in the housing unit.
    Shack whore - A civilian female who comes to the shacks to engages in promiscuity with anyone who will give them a beer or a smoke.
    SHADS - Summer Holidays After Dinner Sailors. Term used for Naval Reservists.
    Shat - Shit (past tense) (Brit.)
    Shit pump - An individual marked by gross incompetence or stupidity, whose only skill is converting rations into feces.
    Shit rat - A soldier who is always in trouble
    Shit the bed - To f*** up something, make a gross mistake or otherwise disappointment.
    Shit tickets - Slang for Army toilet paper. aka poop-on coupons
    Shitter fitter - Naval Hull Technician
    Sick, Lame and Lazy - A group of soldiers who are medically exempt from participating in physical activity.
    Siggies - Signals
    Silly Servant - Civil servant- civilian that works for DND
    Silver Bullets/Cornwallis Cripplers - The high speed running shoes you get issued in basic training.
    Sir - Someone who is addressed as 'Sir' (or 'Ma'am') by subordinates. Usually a response by a Warrant Officer or below when called sir "I am not a sir/ma'am; I work for a living."
    Skilly - Gruel
    Slack and Idle - Personnel without motivation or grossly out of shape
    Sliders - Naval term meaning to screw off early. Particularly applicable to Fridays and before lunch.
    Slit Trench - Foxhole, hasty pit, fighting hole, funk hole
    SLJO - Shitty Little Jobs Officer
    Smelly - SMLE "Rifle, Short Magazine, Lee-Enfield"
    SNAFU - Situation Normal All F***ed Up
    Sneak & Peak - Recon
    SOL - Shit Out of Luck
    SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
    SOS - Shit On a Shingle, creamed chipped beef on toast, "creamed foreskins", Same Old Shit
    Spanner - Wrench (Brit.)
    Spare - Someone who, at the time being, really does not have a job to do.
    Spark chaser - Avionics technician
    Spend a penny - Urinate
    Spinner - Someone who has a tendency to 'panic' when put under even the slightest stress and can't make a decision, i.e. 'they spin'.
    Spit & Polish - Attention to dress
    Split arse - Female
    Spray & Pray - To shoot wildly in hopes of hitting a target - Usually with a machine gun from behind cover.
    Shit, Shave and Run Boys - Friendly abbreviation for the South Sask. Regiment-SSR's
    Stand at ease! - Similar to parade rest.
    Stand Down - Assume lower level of combat readiness
    Stand To - To be in position, waiting. From "stand to your arms"
    Standards - "There is only ONE standard!" Problem is, everybody has one
    Steel Pot - American M1 helmet
    Steam - Moonshine, Liquor
    Stiff upper lip - Inner resolve
    Stone, Dust and Gravel boys - Stormont and Dundas Glengarry
    Stonk/Stonking - Bombardment/ Being bombed
    Stunt - An attack or raid
    Squishie - See Crunchie
    Suntans - Summer uniform, khaki colored cotton, tan color
    Super Sailor - Nickname for members of the Boatswain Naval trade
    Super Stoker - A member of the Marine Engineering Branch who attended a Marine Engineering Programme. Entering the 2 year course as a recruit and exiting the course as a Master Seaman.
    SWAT - Refers to the reserves. As in Some Weekends And Thursdays. See also SAS, Toon, and Weekend Warrior.
    Sweet Biscuit - Cookie (Brit.)
    Switched On - See "Closed Up"

    T/O - Table of Organization- number of men, rank, and assignment in unit organization
    T/O & E - Table of Organization and Equipment. T/O plus list of vehicles, weapons, & Equipment
    Tallyho - Enemy sighted (hunting call) (Brit.)
    Tea - Afternoon refreshment with strong tea and cake or cookies (eg. 4:00 or so)
    Territorials - British Territorial Army, auxiliary force similar to militia or reserves (not overseas)
    TGIF - Thank God it's Friday
    The Continent - The European mainland (Brit.)
    The Dirty Four Dozen - 48th Highlanders Of Canada. WWII
    Thudf*** - Someone who is totally useless
    Thumper Head - Slang for Field Engineer
    Thunder Box - Refers to one of two things: 1) a makeshift toilet out of cardboard in a field setting, 2) portable toilet.
    Thunder Chicken - Refers to the thunderbird on the Canadian Forces Military Police badge.
    Thunder In - Refers to someone who passes out. Usually during long periods of physical exertion.
    Timmi Taliban - refers to Taliban enemy
    Tin Hat - British or WWII soup-dish, dish pan or pie pan shaped helmet
    Tinclad - Lightly armored vehicles such as half-tracks
    To lay - To aim a weapon
    To Step On One's Own - To really screw up
    Toc emma - Trench mortar (phonetic)
    Tommy - British soldier, from Thomas Atkins, British equivalent of John Doe
    Tommy Cooker - British tank (Ger.)
    Toon - Refers to the reserves. As in Cartoons. Not real, and only seen on the weekends. See S.A.S.
    Tor Scots/The Horse Blankets - Toronto Scottish Regt.
    Toque head - The effect encountered when wearing a toque too long. Symptoms include excessive build up of grease on scalp and extremely sensitive hair.
    Torch - Flashlight (Brit.)
    Tosser - Stupid or arrogant person(see Wanker)
    Trooper - A trained private armoured soldier
    Tuba tech - A CF musician, regardless of the instrument they play
    Tune tech - Any CF Musician
    Tune town - The band room or practice area
    Twenty Mile Sniper - Artillery gunner
    Two Bits - Twenty-five cents (Amer.)
    Twin Tailed Plastic Fag Jet - A CF-18 Fighter Jet
    Typewriter - Machine gun (Brit.)

    Uncle Charlie - Full marching orders
    Unicorn - Uniform
    Un-f*** - To fix something or someone that's broken

    Valcatraz - Slang for Valcartier, Quebec
    Van Doos - Royal 22e Regiment. Name derives from vingt-deux, French for "twenty-two."
    Verey Light - Flare signal (Brit.)
    Vicar - Priest (Brit.)
    Volun-told - A supposedly optional event, award, assignment, or activity in which a person (or persons) are required to attend either by persons-in-charge nominating them or their peers expecting them to be there. The individual often has no say in the matter, and non-attendance in frowned upon.

    Walking out - Off-base, "walking-out order" is uniform used in town (Brit.)
    Wanker - Stupid or arrogant person(see Tosser)
    War Pig - Almost exclusively used in the Infantry, the term describes a very large, girthy and masculine female soldier
    Watch Dogs - Military Police
    Weekend warrior - Reservist
    Weather machine - Rumoured device installed at LFCATA Meaford which provides the base with abysmal weather while all surrounding communities enjoy beautiful sunshine.
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - The phonetic letter WTF; has the same meaning as the modern textspeak WTF "What the f***?"
    Whistle head - Officer
    White elephant - See White whale.
    White whale - Large, white moving-company style wagon used to transport goods in a non-combat environment.
    Wizard - Very good (Brit.)
    WOG, wog - Without Guts/Without Guns. Synonymous with "sissy", "pussy", etc. A derogatory term for someone who is not a member of the combat arms. Can also be interpreted as "Without Gun." Sometimes "Western Oriental Gentleman" aka "Worn Out Grunt"

    Yank Proof - see 'American Proof'
    Yellow Bedroom - CF Crewcab truck which has a black hood and referenced in the joke: "What's black and yellow and sleeps four?"
    YMCA - RCN
    You can't see me suit - Cadpat camo uniform. See relish suit
    Yperite - Mustard gas

    Zipper Head - Armoured Crewman. From the old leather helmets used by early tankers. The pattern of stitching gave the appearance of a zipper running across the top of the head
    Zombie - The nickname for conscript soldiers during WWII
    Zoomie - Pilot or any members of the Air Operations branch


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    Commonwealth Slang Empty Re: Commonwealth Slang

    Post by mk1rceme Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:51 pm

    Some World War I Terminology...some already listed above:

    World War One Phrases, Terms and Slang

    Banjo = spade or entrenching tool (Australian)
    Belly flopping = to hit the ground quickly during attack (British)
    Big Bertha = German 420mm howitzer, named for a family member of the Krupp Arms manufacturer. Now a name for a golf club.
    Black Hand Gang = raiding party or a selected group engaged in some desparate enterprise
    Boyau (literally “gut” in French) or Boy-oh (British) = communication trench
    Brass hats = enlisted men’s term for officers
    Coal box = shell burst, generally from a heavy gun, causing a cloud of black smoke
    Dogfight = aerial combat
    Duckboard Trail = as in “someone hit the duckboard trail” = killed in action (U.S.)
    Duckboards = slatted wooden planks placed in the bottom of trenches or on muddy ground, hopefully keeping one out of the water
    Fiche blanche = white ticket or non-movable casualty (French);
    Fiche rouge = red ticket or movable casualty (French)
    Frog’s Paradise = Paris (U.S.)
    Furfie = rumor (Australian)
    Gasper = cheap cigarette
    “Gives the willies” = be frightened, or shell shocked
    Go West = used when referring to a comrade who had died
    Gulasch-Kanone = “stew gun” or German wheeled field kitchen vehicle (German)
    Hayburners = army horses and mules (U.S.)
    Holy Joe/Skyscout = chaplain (U.S.)
    Kamerad Schnurschuh = “pal with laced boots;” German nickname for Austro-Hungarian troops
    Kilometerschwein = “kilometer pig;” German infantryman (German)
    Lakenpatscher = “puddle splasher;” German infantryman (German)
    Land Crabs = tanks (British)
    Looey or Louis = Second Lieutenant (U.S.)
    Monkey meat = canned beef and carrot mixture ration from South America (U.S.)
    Mothers = 5.7 inch British guns (British)
    Over the Top = to attack, generally from the trenches; “In the Trenches”
    Poilu = “hairy one;” French infantryman
    Pozzy = ration issue jam (British)
    Roughneck = artilleryman (U.S.)
    Slum or slumgum = a stew of meat, potatos, onions and tomatos (U.S.)
    Suicide Ditch = front line trench (British)
    Synchronize Watches
    Tommy = British infantryman, from “Tommy Atkins,” a fictional name used in instructions for filling out British military forms
    Wives = 9 inch British guns (British)
    Woofs = German 4.7 inch high explosive and shrapnel shells (British)


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    Post by qsamike Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:53 am

    How About.....

    No insult intended....

    V.R.I. - From RCR Cap Badge - Virgins Rapists and Idiots

    P.P.C.L.I. - Please Protect Canada's Little Idiots among others that cannot be printed here.....

    H.M.C.S. Esquimalt - Slackers Cove

    Stone Frigate - Any Shore Based Naval Unit

    Fanny Adams - Many meanings for this one also known as F.A. but can be any canned meat.... In the 1800's a man was convicted in the UK of killing women and then canning the meat for sale to the RN, he was caught and convicted of killing one Fanny Adams so all canned meat was called that from that date forward....

    Another just poped into my head.....

    Swinging The Lead - Reporting sick when not really sick trying to get off work, also meaning Lazy....


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    Post by qsamike Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:17 am

    Here are a few more......


    In spite of popular belief that places a decidedly crude meaning on this expression for extreme cold, its history reveals a perfectly respectable naval pedigree. Aboard eighteenth-century warships the word 'monkey' occurred in several terms connected with gunnery: boys who brought gunpowder to the guns were called 'powder monkeys'; there was a type of gun called a 'monkey'; and there was also a 'brass monkey' in the form of a plate attached to the deck, on which cannon balls were stacked ready for use. In very cold weather the brass contracted, unsettling the pile of cannon balls and causing them to fall down.


    Like a 'flash in the pan' this is another reference to the hazardous process of firing an old-fashioned flintlock gun, which involved releasing a spring-loaded hammer called a 'cock'. When released by the trigger, this struck a piece of flint against a steel plate, sending sparks into the small charge of powder in the lockpan, which in turn detonated the main charge in the breech of the gun. When the gun was fully cocked, it could only be discharged by pulling the trigger. 'At half-cock', however, it was liable to go off unexpectedly, often before there had been time to take aim, with the result that the shot was frequently wasted. That is why anything described as 'going off at half-cock' can be taken as premature, ill-prepared and unlikely to succeed.


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    Post by mk1rceme Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:23 am

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    Ian B
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    Post by Ian B Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:33 pm

    Scrolling through the first list for the first time.  Couple of observations:

         Banjo - also Scots soldier slang for hitting (see Geo. Macdonald Frasers' "MacAuslan" books)

         Blouse - also tucking pants into the top of combat boots

         Bugger off -  also to leave:  The SOB has buggered off!

         Meathead - Dead from the neck up!

         Pig - from corruption of the General Purpose Machine Gun C-6 (GPMG) or "G-PIG"

         Red lead - also beer and tomato juice.  Please don't try it....the hang over is murderous!
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    Post by pylon1357 Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:39 pm

    One that caused a bit of a comottion on the forum a while back,

    REMF Rear Echelon Mother F******.

    a few others from AFG,

    LBG Little Brown Guys, Used to describe most the TCNs, as they were mainly Filipino.
    LEPS, Locally Employed People
    TCN Third Country Nationals, that is to say, an employed person from a country other than AFG or a NATO country.


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    Post by Infanteer Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:17 pm

    Some good ones there that have brought back fond memories.

    Chicken f**kers - RCR soldiers (common expression used in the PPCLI and Strathcona's)
    PONTI - personnel of no tactical importance
    Screw f**ker - aviation technician (aircraft mechanic)
    Arts and crafts section - aircraft structures technicians (ACS techs)
    Spark chaser - avionics technician
    Crunchies - in the tactical helicopter world this is the slang for infantry or other troops dropped off by the helicopter
    Two way range - to be in combat
    Pink mist society - to be blown up by a mine/IED
    Two inch c**k - 2 I/C (second in command)
    Mufty - casual/civilian clothes
    Quick pick - a reservist who transferred directly into the regular force during the mid 90's

    I had heard that the term "zipper head" came from the stitches that some crewmen would get from smashing their heads on the interior of the vehicles.

    Mil (in terms of navigation) is not a slang word... that is the actual name of a unit of angular measurement equal to 1⁄6400 of a complete circle.

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    Post by Jonhno Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:36 pm

    good read, I remember at school we read the long and the short and the tall and one thing that I remember slang wise from that book was "pit" or bed, I have to see if I can find the book again

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    Post by recceboy Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:05 pm

    Babe in toyland-brand new 2lt
    Crunchies- Infantry that play to close to tank tracks
    Track Grease - Infantry that play to close to tank tracks
    Speed Bump - small trench
    U-Boat- sunken tank in swamp
    Up start & Door Knocker - officer who went through RMC
    Meat Bombs- Paratroopers
    Meat Heads-Military police
    Gunner's ear-Deaf ear
    Left handed wheel nuts- Beer
    Ugly kid Joe- Officer needs recovery
    Directionally challenged- officer lost with map

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    Post by shootemup Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:45 pm

    Soup sandwich - less offensive term for a troop with dress or deportment issues.

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    Post by shootemup Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:46 pm

    Soup sandwich - less offensive term for a troop with dress or deportment issues.
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    Post by L.E. Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:26 pm

    Fat head = Canadian who is still trying to catch up with everyone and needs to satisfy ego with using education to blow harder than all the rest with the U.S.A. and Canada running neck and neck.,

    This is not meant to offend as I am a devout Canadian who is very proud of this Country, no matter what rank that is. Love Canada!

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    Post by Infanteer Wed Jan 08, 2014 5:46 pm

    L.E. wrote:Fat head = Canadian who is still trying to catch up with everyone and needs to satisfy ego with using education to blow harder than all the rest (U.S.A. and Canada running neck and neck), and coming up with anything whether it is genuine witty slang from the War or unwitty crap made up for the purpose of the truth revealed despite the education!

    This is not meant to offend as I am a devout Canadian who is very proud of this Country, no matter what rank that is. Love Canada!

    Are you just bitter and ranting? Not sure what this post is all about but if the explanation needs to be that long I'm a bit suspect of your motivation.
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    Post by L.E. Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:16 pm

    L.E. wrote:Fathead = Canadian who is still trying to catch up with everyone and needs to satisfy ego with using education to blow harder than all the rest with U.S.A. and Canada running neck and neck.

    This is not meant to offend as I am a devout Canadian who is very proud of this Country, no matter what rank that is. Love Canada!

    No nothing where venting or a motive is concerned. I also do not expect anyone to change quotes of
    P.P.C.L.I. meaning Please Protect Canada's Little Idiots ....and more that can't be said
    Fatheads meaning....
    Going Off half Cocked
    V.P.I meaning Virgins, Rapists & Idiots or anything else that is posted.

    I don't take any of this personally.  It may be with the reassuring that I am a devout Canadian who is proud of this Country, but maybe Fathead refers to me as well as anyone else, that is a possibility.
    Please, except my apologies for touching any sensitive nerve if that is what I have done and while I have enjoyed this site and learned much from it...I shall be Honourable and remove my privilege for being on it if this is necessary and will not feel offended to do so.
    It would seem however....while we speak to ranting...there has been many postings that have been on this board in every section that would be just that...which would not have be posted by me. Thoughts, ideas, info and venting that I have nothing to do with. I do not find it offensive to involve this harmless freedom.
    Truly apologize gents and thanks for the short time that I have enjoyed the forums.

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    Post by mk1rceme Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:00 pm

    I don't think this is a reason to leave. This slang list was put here just for a bit of comedy relief...not intended to be serious. No offense taken from the Fathead description...been called a lot worse than!


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    Post by jholl72 Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:18 pm

    No need to leave, I've been involved in much worse on these internet forums. Please stay and continue to share and enjoy the forum.


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    Post by Infanteer Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:59 pm

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not offended either. The explanation of the term just struck me as a bit of a rant more than a simple slang term so I thought I would seek clarification. I suppose I was reading between the lines and there just wasn't anything there. I guess I'm the one who should apologize as I have inadvertently created unnecessary drama.... I hate drama.

    In the future if someone thinks I've been offended or feels that I've offended them I would prefer that they send me a PM and we can discuss it there rather than taking away from the positive spirit of the forum. I'm actually a really easy going guy.

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