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    need some help

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    need some help  Empty need some help

    Post by mikenewfie Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:47 pm

    Good day every one
    I'm putting together a rifleman/infantry kit form the end of the Korean war till the early 60s when we went to the army greens. I need some help i have gathered a few items but not sure on what every little piece that was issued/started for a rifleman had is it the same as WWII or were some things different besides the webbing & uniform here is a list of the few items i have gotten so far.

    Pattern 1951 webbing
    MKII helmet (no netting and pattern 37 chin straps)
    One shell dressing

    I know the uniform is the 1949 pattern did they use the anklets or puttees? Also what other items would they have carried in the small pack?

    Any help would be great full i can find tons of info on WWII kits but nothing for the 50s


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    need some help  Empty Post-WWII Army

    Post by edstorey Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:49 am

    The topic is detailed and complicated more then most suspect as there was a vast assortment of clothing and equipment in use with the wearing of much of it dictated by Corps and Regimental tradition.   Most training was conducted wearing black coveralls as seen by this Heller team.   A good place to start looking for photographs depicting the Army at this time period would be in the back issues of Canadian Army Journals.

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