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    The Gulf War


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    The Gulf War Empty The Gulf War

    Post by mk1rceme Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:06 pm


    On August 1, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The United States, under President George Bush, put together a coalition to firce Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein to end his invasion. Canada soon joined the USA, with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney offering the destroyers HMCS Terra Nova and Athabaskan plus the supply ship Proctecteur to help blockade Iraq.

    These ships left Canada on August 24th with 934 crew, including 27 women. As the USA began moving hundreds of thousands of troops into Saudi Arabia, Canada offered a CF18 squadron with 450 personnel. On November 29th the UN agreed to the use of any force necessary to force Iraq to withdraw by January 15,1991. Saddam did not comply and air attacks began on Iraq’s military installations. Canada participated by providing air cover and engaging targets on the ground. A Canadian field hospital with 530 personnel was established to handle the heavy casualties expected when a ground assault began. This assaut, called Desert Storm, began on 24 February, but the Iraqis began surrendering and a ceasefire was called 3 days later.

    There were no Canadian casualities in this war.


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