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    Items of interest :)


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    Items of interest  :) Empty Items of interest :)

    Post by Cameraguy on Thu May 21, 2020 11:26 am

    We all like to show our stuff once in a while,so time has allowed me to revisit the site and... here I go again.

    I was recently given some items from a local organization,which was being considered for "tossing" into the bin as they were renovating and didn't have the room.(OUUUUCH!). Other items are from my personal collection over the years.

    Some pretty cool stuff,which I will use for educational displays as well as (hopefully soon) a permanent display in my local community.

    The RCASC Occupation Force came with greatcoat,two battledress with shirts and matched trousers.One BD has melton 3rd Div and the other a canvas. Pretty cool to have the mix. Not named unfortunately.

    The RCAF came with the zippered 1944 dated BD and dress tunic(with belt and wedge)

    The WW1(?) came with trousers,tunic,and named cap.

    The HK came with greatcoat and dress tunic. Unfortunately,the officers pips and any other insignia was removed,which sucks.

    A load of postwar uniforms came with the batch of 15 or so,plus many RCAF and army wedges(WW2 I believe)

    RCASC Dispatch rider uniform with his two DDay Normandy route maps.(Attributed to a Veteran I interviewed/documented)

    NNSH Defense of England map(with German invasion points named)Named to a NNSH officer.  

    Spitfire print with the signatures of 4 Canadian Spitfire pilots(three RCAF Aces)

    Lest We Forget MMII helmet which was used as physical evidence at the Nuremberg War Trials.
    Two CWAC uniforms(Named)

    Two flags from the "Bonnie".

    My great uncles ID card sent home after he was KIA in Face,July 25th(NNSH)

    "The Two Jacks" with original sigs

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