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    Banned Terrorist Organizations in Canada


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    Banned Terrorist Organizations in Canada Empty Banned Terrorist Organizations in Canada

    Post by mk1rceme Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:22 pm

    The Canadian government has banned nearly 40 terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda, the Armed Islamic Group, Babbar Khalsa, the Palestine Liberation Front, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Kahane Chai, the Taliban and Mujahedin e-Khalq.

    In 2006, Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day expanded the federal ban of Hezbollah from the purely militant wing to all 16 sub-organizations, and declared the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a terrorist group.

    International Terrorism

    Relating to Cuba
    * September 22, 1966 - A bazooka attack on the Cuban embassy in Ottawa, Ontario is made.
    * October 5, 1966 - Anti-Castro forces bomb the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Ottawa.
    * May 31, 1967: A small bomb explodes at the Cuba Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. The attack is attributed to Cuban Nationalist Action.
    * October 15, 1967: A bomb explodes at the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Montreal, Quebec.
    * May 29, 1969: A bomb is placed in the doorway of the Cuban consulate in Montreal, it fails to go off.
    * July 12, 1971: A small bomb goes off at the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Montreal, Quebec.
    * April 4, 1972: Cuban official Sergio Pérez Castillo is killed by an explosion at the Cuban consulate at Montreal, Quebec.
    * January 21, 1974: A bomb explodes at the Cuban embassy in Ottawa. It is attributed to Orlando Bosch.
    * September 22, 1976: An explosive device is thrown from a car at the Cuban consulate in Montreal.
    * January 14, 1980: A large explosion significantly damages the Cuban consulate in Montreal.

    Relating to militant Sikh aspirations for Khalistan
    * June 23, 1985 - Air India flight 182 leaving Montreal, Quebec's Mirabel International Airport is blown up mid-flight to London, England.
    * May 26, 1986 - An attempt is made in Vancouver, British Columbia to assassinate Malkiat Singh Sidhu, a cabinet minister in the Indian province of Punjab
    * August 28, 1988 - Indo-Canadian Times editor Tara Singh Hayer is shot and partially paralyzed
    * November 18, 1998 - Newspaper editor Tara Singh Hayer is assassinated for his strident opposition to Sikh militants.

    Relating to Turkey
    * April 8, 1982 - Turkish Commercial Counselor to Canada Kani Güngör is paralyzed after an attack by Armenian nationalists at his Ottawa, Ontario apartment.
    * August 23, 1982 - Turkish military attaché to Canada, Col. Atilla Altıkat, is assassinated by Armenian militants in Ottawa while sitting in his vehicle at a traffic light.
    * March 12, 1985 - A group of Armenians seize the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa, killing a Canadian security guard.

    Other incidents
    * April 7, 1868 - Thomas D'Arcy McGee is assassinated in Ottawa, Ontario by an alleged Irish nationalist or Fenian rebel sympathizer named Patrick Whelan.
    * November 25, 1965 - Croatian nationalists bomb the Yugoslavian consulate in Toronto, Ontario.
    * January 29, 1967 - The Yugoslavian embassy in Ottawa and the consulate in Toronto, Ontario are among six Yugoslavian offices bombed in North America.
    * September 3, 1984 - Montreal, Quebec's Central Station is bombed, killing 3 people and wounding more than 30. Thomas Bernard Brigham, an elderly retired American armed forces officer, claims to have been protesting Pope John Paul II's visit to Canada.
    * April 9, 1989 - Charles Yacoub hijacks a bus and drives it to Parliament Hill to protest the Syrian invasion of Lebanon
    * April 5, 1992 - The Iranian embassy in Ottawa is stormed by members of MEK, an Iraq-supported left-wing group.

    Domestic terrorism
    * 1963-1969 - FLQ starts bombing at the average rate of one every ten days. Targets included English owned businesses, banks, McGill University and the homes of prominent English speakers.
    * 1963 - Montreal - FLQ bombing of Canadian Army Recruiting Center, killing Sgt. Wilfred V. O'neil.
    * January 29, 1965 - Two U.S. jets (F-84s) being overhauled by Northwest Industries in Edmonton, Alberta were destroyed and a third damaged when a left-wing group protesting the Vietnam War dynamited the planes; a security guard was killed during the incident.
    * May 18, 1966 - Paul Joseph Chartier's attempt to bomb the House of Commons fails when the device goes off prematurely in a Centre Block washroom.
    * late 1960s - the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) placed a bomb in a window well of the National Defence Headquarters on Lisgar St in Ottawa, Ontario. The explosion killed a cleaning lady.
    * late 1960s - the FLQ placed a bomb in a mailbox next to the Canadian Tire store on Wellington St in Ottawa, Ontario.
    * February 13, 1969 - the FLQ set off a powerful bomb that ripped through the Montreal Stock Exchange causing massive destruction and seriously injuring twenty-seven people.
    * October 5, 1970 - British diplomat James Cross and October 10 Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte are kidnapped by the FLQ in Montreal. (The dead body of Pierre Laporte was discovered in the trunk of a car in Montreal, Quebec on October 17, 1970; Cross was released on December 3, 1970.)
    * October 14, 1982 - The anarchist group the Squamish Five, who were Canadian version of Direct Action, bombs a Litton Industries factory north of Toronto, Ontario that is manufacturing guidance devices for American cruise missiles, ten are injured.
    * April 20, 1995 - Roger Charles Bell places a bomb outside Province House, the Prince Edward Island legislature, injuring one
    * 2000 - The Brigade d'autodéfense du français bombs a church where a english fundraiser was to be held.
    * 2001 - Quebec - The FLQ/The Brigade d'autodéfense du français firebombs three "Second Cup" locations in Montreal. They were targeted because of the company's use of its incorporated English name "Second Cup". Rhéal Mathieu, a previously convicted FLQ terrorist was convicted for all three bombings. Seven McDonald's restaurants were also firebombed.
    * April 2004 - Quebec - Bombing of a Jewish school’s library in Montreal.
    * July 4, 2009 - Dawson Creek, British Columbia, A natural gas pipeline in western Canada was bombed Saturday for the second time in four days and the sixth time in nine months.


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