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    Christmas Goodies!


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    Christmas Goodies! Empty Christmas Goodies!

    Post by mk1rceme Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:05 am

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Myself, I'm kind of glad it's over but I did get a few militaria-related items mixed in with the socks and undies. I got the complete WWII Battlefront series and the complete WWII Battle for Europe series...about 19 hours of video to watch. And I also got a WWII chronicle that is 512 pages.

    I'm just glad no one attempted to buy me some real militaria...this stuff suits me fine. My Nieces Aussie friend is going to hunt down a nice rimless Mk.II for me when he gets home though. He says he can locate one fairly easy since his uncle in Sydney collects militaria.

    So! What did you guys get?


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