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    19 Dragoons


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    19 Dragoons

    Post by Tankermike on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:24 am

    Some recent finds, an CEF officers set to the 19 Alberta Dragoons, gilt finish, scully made. The button is a real find, an officers button for the peaked cap, first one I have seen in 30 years of collecting.

    The second is two cap badges for the 19 Edmonton Fusiliers 1946-1949, one is brass the other that brass like anodized finsih, and a flash for the 19 Alberta Armoured Car Regt 1949-1954, probably one of the most rare flashes from the 1950's as the regiment went back to the 19 Dragoons in 1954 before being struck off in the 1964.


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