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    Canadian WWII special unit items: 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion; FSSF; Force 136 of SOE etc.

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    Canadian WWII special unit items: 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion; FSSF; Force 136 of SOE etc.  Empty Canadian WWII special unit items: 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion; FSSF; Force 136 of SOE etc.

    Post by Seaforth Highlander Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:03 pm

    I am entering a new phase of my life with a new marriage and retirement. I am regretting having let great stuff go over the years (for various reasons e.g. mortgage, children, wanting something else, bills, lack of safe storage etc.) and I am rebuilding my WWII Canadian special services collection. Ouch! I think of all the stuff I used to get for free with the history from the veterans ... (Oh well, it ALL went to good homes including some to the Canadian War Museum.)

    My main "modest" ;-) wants are:
    1. Original FSSF uniforms with insignia (Canadian or US members) Battle clothing or parade clothing. Original Canadian battledress with FSSF patch worn by Canadian ex-FSSF members serving in 1944-45 and when coming home. Ideally named. (I have an unnamed FSSF Kiska combat jacket)
    2. All black stiletto version of USMC stiletto and scabbard as carried by 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion. (I have two of the USMC version)
    3. Deactivated Johnson M1941 LMG
    4. Original 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion uniforms with insignia in place. Ideally named.
    5. Inglis No. 2 Mk. I* 9mm (fixed sight standard Canadian issue model)
    6. Original WWII British made parachutist trousers (chamois lined large leg pocket)
    7. V-42 with scabbard in good condition and name of man. (I have a V-42 from the late and much decorated FSFF Sgt Jack W. Stallings, Jr. 1-1 but the knife is very, very well used and is missing the scabbard.)
    8. WWII date X chute harness, ideally with the parachute. Static line model, not dispatcher ripcord model. Also the "A" chute harness (load carrying connection above parachutist's head.
    9. British Security Coordination (BSC) cap badges (spelled out and initials versions which were never formally approved by the way as Stephenson's RCMP Liaison Offr Supt. Bavin told me) and service scrolls/thank you letters etc.
    10. SOE parachute gear - Twin zip quick release parachute coveralls (in camouflage pattern but would consider tan and white versions, usually with large padded pocket at back for spine pad as well as pistol pocket, shovel and knife pockets), camouflage parachute soft helmet, boots, gloves, shovel etc.
    11. Suitcase radio e.g. B2 set
    12. Uniforms of Canadians in SAS, SOE, MI-9 etc. agents, especially Canadians.
    13. Uniforms of CANLOAN officers with the British special forces. (I have CANLOAN Lieut. Jim Erskine's BD and SD tunics. He was 2 S Staffs at Arnhem. WIA, POW)
    14. M1A1 (or M1) deactivated Thompson SMG
    15. Original WWII British parachutist's leg bag.


    One has to have a dream!


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