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    WW1 helmet flash, two interesting tidbits


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    WW1 helmet flash, two interesting tidbits Empty WW1 helmet flash, two interesting tidbits

    Post by Jonhno Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:51 pm

    Two interesting bits of info regarding ww1 helmets and application of insignia/flash, the first I read on the Western Front Assoc. website so I would like to credit them for borrowing this

    "Further improvements came in 1917 when a rubber cushion was incorporated into the helmet liner. Another development was the introduction of painted unit badges (battle-insignia) on the sides of the helmet. These matched those already worn on the upper sleeve of the Service Dress and gave a further boost to the unit identification psychology"

    And secondly I was talking to a fellow collector this morning who mentioned that in a Canadian Bat history he was reading (sorry I forget the unit at the moment but will update) (also 1917 date) a soldier tells how a fellow would have been bypassed and not pulled from the mud if it where not for seeing the flash painted on the side of his helmet, which ID'd him as being from the same unit,

    I just thought that was two good pieces of info regarding application of unit insignia on a helmet during WW1 and that the 2nd piece gives some evidence they were being worn in the field,

    Of course a photo would also be nice too, I dont know if anyone here has any period photos they could share or by all means send me a PM as I know how other websites sometimes like to borrow photos with no credit (if you would like a watermark on you photo and not sure how to go about it I can do this for you)

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