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    Les Fusilliers Mont Royal WW2 Military Medal

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    Les Fusilliers Mont Royal WW2 Military Medal Empty Les Fusilliers Mont Royal WW2 Military Medal

    Post by Archangel1919 Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:13 am

    For forum members interest, I own a WW2 MM to FMR, I contacted the regimental museum in English to see if they had any info on him but they didn't reply. There seems to be a few "Daganais" in Quebec including a hockey player.

    I just joined and can't post images yet, when the embargo has past I will post an image of the medals.

    A Battle of Groningen, Holland, 15th April 1945, Military Medal awarded to Acting Corporal Maurice Dagenais, a Quibecois from Montreal serving with Les Fusiliers Mont Royal who was awarded the Military Medal for crossing 25 yards of fire swept street and single handedly silencing two bazookas, a machine gun and capturing 15 prisoners.

    DAGENAIS, D-160019, Private (Acting Corporal) Maurice, Canadian Infantry Corps (London Gazette 11th October 1945) “Department of National Defence, Ottawa, 22nd September, 1945. THE CANADIAN ARMY. The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe:-”

    Recommendation for Military Medal by FMR CO Lieut.-Col. J.A. Dextraze, DSO (Awarded DSO Bar for Groningen) states: “Corporal Dagenais has served with Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal throughout the campaign in Europe, and his leadership qualities and superb devotion to duty at all times has always been a source of inspiration to those who followed him.

    On 15 April, this Battalion was ordered to capture the important town road junction of Beilen, and after making their way to the centre of the town, became involved in heavy street fighting. Corporal Dagenais's Company was pinned down by heavy fire from three directions which included machine gun, 20 mm, and bazooka fire, and was unable to get forward.

    Corporal Dagenais, with the leading Platoon quickly appreciated the fact that the situation must be restored. He moved forward with his Section, crossing twenty-five yards of fire swept street and in full view of the enemy and moved to a position from which he could silence the enemy weapons. Leaving his Section to give covering fire, he dashed forward and personally silenced two bazookas, one machine gun, and captured fifteen prisoners. This allowed the whole of the Company to move forward, consolidate the position, and fifty prisoners were captured.

    On many occasions when his section or platoon have been uncertain of their success, Corporal Dagenais has come forward and led them to their objective. His cheerful attitude, utter contempt of enemy fire, and his outstanding courage are admired by all ranks of his Battalion. His contribution toward the reputation his Battalion has built up is worthy of the highest tradition and honour.”

    Maurice Dagenais enlisted into Le Régiment de Maisonneuve in Montreal early in the war (his service number being only the 19th assigned to the regiment after recruiting began on 3rd September 1939) and was posted to Les Fusiliers Mont Royal likely some time during 1942-43 as a reinforcement to bring the regiment back up to strength after the disastrous failed attack on Dieppe.

    Les Fusiliers Mont Royal landed at White Beach, Dieppe on 19th August 1942 losing 119 men Killed in Action and a further 334 taken Prisoner of War, many of them wounded. Only 125 FMR men out of 584 who landed survived the raid to return to England.

    Maurice Dagenais landed with Les Fusiliers Mont Royal in Normandy with 2nd Canadian Division on 7th July 1944 and took part in the fierce battles during July to capture Caen and in August during operations towards the Falaise-Argentan pocket.

    In late August 2nd Canadian Division was tasked with securing the French channel ports and on 1st September Les Fusiliers Mont Royal captured Dieppe, scene of their devastating losses two years earlier.

    Pushing northwards the FMR took part in the operations on the Sheldt in Holland in October 1944 and the fighting along the Rhine from January – March 1945. 2nd Canadian Division had suffered so many casualties during the fighting that the division was rested and did not take part in the Rhine crossing on 23rd March 1945 but were instead ordered back in to Holland to clear enemy forces threatening the flank of the Allied advance into Germany.

    From 14th-16th April Les Fusiliers Mont Royal took part in the battles to capture the city of Groningen, the largest urban battle fought by Canadian forces during the war.

    The following awards were granted to Les Fusiliers Mont Royal for Dieppe, 19th August 1942:

    1 x DSO
    4 x MC
    1 x DCM
    11 x MM

    The following awards were granted to Les Fusiliers Mont Royal for operations from July 1944 -May 1945:

    1 x DSO Bar
    2 x DSO
    6 x MC
    1 x DCM
    12 x MM

    Military Medal, GVIR, [D 160019 A.CPL. M. DAGENAIS. C. INF. C.]
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    Les Fusilliers Mont Royal WW2 Military Medal Empty Re: Les Fusilliers Mont Royal WW2 Military Medal

    Post by ptesgaudet Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:35 pm


    Where did you get all those info? I've got some medals from a vet I knew that I would be interested to identified.

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