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    Comparison British/Canadian and German Rations


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    Comparison British/Canadian and German Rations Empty Comparison British/Canadian and German Rations

    Post by voltigeur Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:58 pm

    British Daily Ration - 1914
    20 oz. Fresh or frozen meat, or 16 oz. preserved or salt meat
    20 oz. bread, or 16 oz. biscuit or flour
    4 oz. bacon
    3 oz. cheese
    5/8 oz. tea
    4 oz. jam
    3 oz. sugar
    1/2 oz. slat
    1/36 oz. pepper
    1/20 oz. mustard
    8 oz. fresh or 2 oz. dried vegetables
    1/10 gill lime juice if vegetable not issued (for scurvey)✖️〔The gill (pronounced or teacup is a unit of measurement for volume equal to a quarter of a pint. It is no longer in common use, except in regard to the volume of alcoholic spirits measures.
    In imperial units
    1 imperial gill≡ 5 imperial fluid ounces
    ≡ ​1⁄32 imperial gallon
    ≡ ​1⁄4 imperial pint
    ≡ 142.0653125 ml
    ≈ 142 ml〕
    1/2 gill rum (at discretion of commanding general)
    not to exceed 20 oz. tobacco per week
    4 oz. oatmeal or rice instead bread
    1/3 oz. chocolate instead of tea.
    1 pint porter instead of rum
    4 oz. dried fruit instead of jam
    4 oz. butter, lard, or margarine, or 1/2 gill oil instead of bacon

    German Daily Ration - 1914
    26 1/2 oz. bread or 17 1/2 oz. field biscuit, or 14 oz. egg biscuit
    13 oz. fresh or frozen meat, or 7 oz. preserved meat
    53 oz. potatoes, or 4 1/2 oz. vegetables, or 2 oz. dried vegetables, or 21 oz. mixed potatoes and dried vegetables
    9/10 oz. coffee, or 1/10 oz. tea
    7/10 oz. sugar
    9/10 oz. salt
    2 cigars and 2 cigarettes, or 1 oz. pipe tobacco, or 9/10 oz. plug tobacco, or 1/5 oz. snuff (at discretion of commanding officer)
    0.17 pint spirits
    0.44 pint wine
    0.88 pint beer

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