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    RCA battledress

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    RCA battledress Empty RCA battledress

    Post by RvL Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:53 pm

    I am looking for second world war battledress badged to RCA.

    These are the following regiments.

    2nd Canadian Corps.
    6th Anti-Tank Regiment.
    2nd Survey Regiment.
    6th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

    2nd Canadian Infantry Division.
    4th Field Regiment.
    5th Field Regiment.
    6th Field Regiment.
    2nd Anti-Tank Regiment.
    3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

    3rd Canadian Infantry Division.
    12th Field Regiment.
    13th Field Regiment.
    14th Field Regiment.
    3rd Anti-Tank Regiment.
    4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

    4th Canadian Armored Division.
    15th Field Regiment.
    23rd Field Regiment.
    5th Anti-Tank Regiment
    8th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

    2nd Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery.
    19th Field Regiment.
    3rd Medium Regiment.
    4th Medium Regiment.
    7th Medium Regiment.
    2nd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment.


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