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    Object Identification

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     Object Identification  Empty Object Identification

    Post by CIrwin85 Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:01 pm

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I have some personal items from a relative who served with the Armoured Calgary Regiment as well as the BC Dragoon’s. The personal items include a Kaschie trench lighter, and a few rounds of 20mm bullet tips which look to have been lodged in something.

    I’m having trouble identifying this one object which to me looks like a chinese medical vial. It appears to be from a Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company and is assumes to be pre 1940s era. Opium maybe?

    I’ll make a separate post with some other objects. One being an old Karl Troop Cross he must have picked up along the way.

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     Object Identification  Empty Re: Object Identification

    Post by pinkphloid Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:47 pm

    Here is what I have found for you from an Imperial Japanese friend, who does Kanji interpretation for me...
    "I believe this is written in Chinese, not Japanese. Some of it doesn’t make sense in Japanese, although I can guess at the meaning due to some similarities in characters.
    The script is read right to left.
    The top line is clear, as it is the same in Japanese and Chinese: Shanghai (the city)
    The second line is probably Dojin pharmaceutical factory. The first two characters on the right mean Universal benevolence, but they are also the name of a Japanese chemical company, Doujin, that did and still does have a factory in Shanghai.
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    The last line has characters that mean supervise and make, so it is probably something like “made by” or “made under license” or something like that.
    Anyway, it doesn’t say anything specific about what was inside, which is probably what you were hoping for."

    Hope this helps a bit.
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     Object Identification  Empty Re: Object Identification

    Post by andy-p Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:28 am

    Hi there,

    it is the container for 同仁油 (Tong Ren oil), from Shanghai Tong Ren Pharmaceutical Company. It is smelling oil (instead of smelling salt) to treat dizziness nausea, about 9 ml per bottle. Sorry, no opium here.
    Tong Ren Chinese herbs started in 1669 but I don't know the year of establishment of shanghai factory

    hope this help


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     Object Identification  Empty Re: Object Identification

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