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    Canadian Pattern Webbing


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    Canadian Pattern Webbing Empty Canadian Pattern Webbing

    Post by ypres Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:55 pm

    Looking for the following original items to complete several equipment sets:

    Oliver Ptn 1899         - Great Coat carrier
            Ptn 1915          - Haversack
    Pattern 08 Canadian  - Ammo pouches
    Pattern 1913 Mills      - Ammo pouches, belt back, shoulder straps

    I have several spares to trade:

    Oliver  Ptn 1899         - Glass canteen and carrier
             Ptn 1915         - Large pack
    Dismounted Ptn 1916 - Belt, Canteen carrier straps, bayonet frog

    Please send PM if you can help …

    All the best, Ypres

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