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    Dodge WC 52


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    Dodge WC 52 Empty Dodge WC 52

    Post by Michiel Sun May 03, 2020 11:33 pm

    I have a question, did the Canadian army use Dodge WC 52 or any Dodge type during ww2 conflict in Europe?
    Thanks in afvangen,

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    Dodge WC 52 Empty CDN Dodge in Europe

    Post by ocdserver Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:49 pm

    Barring any US vehicles being used or borrowed from the Americans, I would say that if any were, they would have been the 3 ton Dodge D60-L trucks.  Basically a 4x2 cargo truck.  Most of Chrysler production was specialized vehicles  such as aircraft refuelers, ambulances, bomb hoisting.  Ford and GM were were approached to produce the CMP trucks which were based on British specifications before the war started.  Chrysler wasn't.  As a result, Chrysler manufactured Modified Conventional Vehicles on the US production standard. They were equipped with specialist bodies especially for Allied air force service.
    The only 4x4's I know of are the Dodge D8 which were built on British standards with all of them being shipped to Africa for use in the desert.  The second is the Dodge 3/4 APT, the Canadian version of the WC51.  It had modifications and only started production in 1945.  Quite why is open to question  as by 1945 there really was no need for more 3/4 ton trucks.

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