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    repainted Mk.lll helmet?

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    repainted Mk.lll helmet? Empty repainted Mk.lll helmet?

    Post by BC Canada on Wed May 20, 2020 2:56 pm

    I just had a BMB 1943 mk3 helmet come in today. Its been repainted to the textured dark brown of the later models and underneath where it was scratched away to show the makers marks and near the rim where it has chipped away I can see what I believe is the original khaki green of the early models. I've been looking into it slightly and found someone saying that in they had some journals or some such notes saying some helmets were sent back for repainting. Has anyone heard of this happening, could this be a postwar modification or is this another case of someone repainting a helmet?repainted Mk.lll helmet? 98297410
    repainted Mk.lll helmet? 98346110
    repainted Mk.lll helmet? 99098310
    repainted Mk.lll helmet? 98182610
    repainted Mk.lll helmet? 98350010

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