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    Webley .455 Ammunition


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    Webley .455 Ammunition Empty Webley .455 Ammunition

    Post by qsamike Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:52 pm

    Good Evening Gentlemen......

    Stopped at a garage sale on the way home from work tonight and found the following.....

    An un-opened box of .455 revolver ammo.....

    Would love to find out what the markings mean, am only gessing that they were made or packaged December 19th, 1930....

    And I know of course that the C Broad Arrow signifies Canadian Govt. Issue.....

    Military????? R.C.M.P.??????


    Webley .455 Ammunition _455_r10

    Webley .455 Ammunition _455_r11

    Webley .455 Ammunition _455_r12

    Webley .455 Ammunition _455_r13

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