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    429 Squadron


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    429 Squadron Empty 429 Squadron

    Post by C17mover Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:48 pm

    digging through the squadron archives I found the originals for the adoption of 429 Sqns badge, why the bison and why the motto " Fortunae Nihil.

    It was started in 1943 the squadron was commAndes by W/C J.A.P. Owen. He wanted to use his family crest ( a gryphon) but was turned down by the Director of Heraldry in London. They added that the using of family crests by leaders of regiments was stopped back in Cromwell's time.

    So with the squadron still wanting a crest it was decided that since the Squadron was adopted by the city of Bradford they would use something of a local flare and were to use a boars head representing this tie

    enter the Canadian equation. with the Squadron was turning 75% Canadian and later designated as a Canadian Squadron those in charge thought the better representation a Canadian animal needed to be chosen. The quest was narrowed down to a Buffalo/Bison or a beaver.

    The artist in London requested artwork for the bison so he had something to go off of. What was sent to the artist in London consisted of a buffalo nickel and a hood ornament that was stolen off a car in Banff National Park.

    So buffalo or bison. 404 Squadron officially adopted the buffalo head as it's Squadrons animal and in a popular vote by all squadron members the bison was The clear winner and the crest was designed and ad ted and given Royal sanction in June of 1944

    The original Motto Fortunae Nihil was kept throughout. It means "noting to chance" and is more of a pun because if you say it fast. It sounds like your saying 429.

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