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    RCAF 2455 Auxiliary Squadron Approval Crest

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    RCAF 2455 Auxiliary Squadron Approval Crest Empty RCAF 2455 Auxiliary Squadron Approval Crest

    Post by Sunopera Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:51 pm

    This is a very interesting find from an old barn shop. Yes, I am not kidding, this is from an old barn... Still those barn are quite amazing today...

    2455 Aircraft Control and Warning Unit (Aux) Victoria, BC. was an Auxiliary unit of the RCAF. The reserve unit was formed on 15 January 1951, and later with the coming of SAGE, in the early Sixties, 2455 AC&W was disbanded on 31 March 1961 with the other sisters units during the same year from West to East cost. I think it was a total of 7 or 9 reserves units, but I am not quite sure...

    The major components of the units were mobile radars.

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    Is there somebody that could have more info on this crest approval... I cannot find a lot about it...

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