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    RCAF wings


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    RCAF wings Empty RCAF wings

    Post by Tankermike Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:30 am

    Can I get some opinions on these RCAF and RAF wings, this is not my area of expertise and was wondering if they are all WW2 and not reproductions. The one padded AG with bright white wings look a little suspect to me. The others look the part, and appear original but again, RCAF wings are not my area.


    RCAF wings Img_6010

    RCAF wings Img_6011

    RCAF wings Img_6012

    RCAF wings Img_6013

    RCAF wings Img_6014
    Chuck Biscuits

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    RCAF wings Empty Re: RCAF wings

    Post by Chuck Biscuits Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:02 pm

    They look correct to me from your pics,different makers but they all look legit..the repros ive seen have some pretty nasty stitching which is more noticeable from the back side and the canvas backings on the repros feel thinly weaved..the ones that seem a bit too clean may have just never been be sure try to black light them..remember mercurized thread was still being used before the synthetics came out in the 1950s..the repro stuff will glow under a black light when it comes to light coloured thread,white,tan etc...I keep one around for checking suspect 3rd reich cloth items and its come in handy a couple times

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