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    51 Pattern radio bags


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    51 Pattern radio bags Empty 51 Pattern radio bags

    Post by ocdserver Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:19 pm

    Here are photos of two of the four variations of the CPRC-510 radio bags.  The first version had metal hardware and a wide webbing strap that wrapped underneath the bag to stop the radio from falling through the bag.  The next variation had the metal hardware replaced with nylon plastic buckles.  The only metal components were the snaps.  Next, for some reason, the bottom strap was cut off these radio bags.  I have seen a NOS radio bag with plastic fittings and the bottom webbing strap cut off, with a NSN tag and still in the plastic shipping bag.
    When I first acquired the bag with the metal fittings, it had the wide strap remove and the bottom of the bag had been stitched.  I thought some civilian had done this mod, so I removed the stitches with plans to try and restore the bag to original configuration.  I have no idea why the bags were modified.  A PRC-77 will not fit in these bags.  Also, when the CPRC-510 is inserted into the bags with the bottom strap cut off, they sit radio sits higher and does not go entirely into the bag as it does in the photos.

    51 Pattern radio bags Img_2010
    51 Pattern radio bags Img_2011
    51 Pattern radio bags Img_2013
    51 Pattern radio bags Img_2012


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