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    Large Photos With Cardboard Frame

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    Large Photos With Cardboard Frame Empty Large Photos With Cardboard Frame

    Post by CrunchyPickle Mon May 04, 2020 6:49 am

    I found these two large photos (actual photo size is about 9 cm x 18 cm) at an antique store.  I cropped the scan but there are cardboard frames (20 cm x 33 inches) around both of these photos.  The bottom of the frames are both embossed with the "Minot ND, The Heart Studio"  In looking at google maps Minot, North Dakota is about an hour south of the border.  I was interested in what people could tell me about these two photos.  I'm guessing these were pre WWI.  Any info would be great!!  Thanks!

    Large Photos With Cardboard Frame 0029a10Large Photos With Cardboard Frame 0030a10

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    Ian B
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    Large Photos With Cardboard Frame Empty Photos

    Post by Ian B Tue May 05, 2020 5:08 pm

    Judging by the collar badges, which appear to be crossed shepherd's crook and Christian cross; and the shape of the sword pommel and hilt, I would suggest that the two pics are studio portraits of a man in the Knights of Columbus (a Roman Catholic fraternal men's organization). Probably pre-WW1, as you surmise, but I cannot be more accurate than that.

    Hope this gives you a jumping-off point for further research.


    Ian B

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