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    Barrady Helmet


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    Barrady Helmet Empty Barrady Helmet

    Post by recceboy Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:56 pm

    Got a Barrady helmet to add to the collection, wore one but with the other liner system for workup training for Bosnia 94.Will add photos when I get my Laptop back from the "FIX-it cause it crashed store."

    Barrady Helmet 100_8110

    Barrady Helmet 100_8210

    Barrady Helmet 100_8211


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    Barrady Helmet Empty Re: Barrady Helmet

    Post by Darrell Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:13 pm

    Hi Anthony

    Lucky you. At least it wasn't spray painted UN Blue!!

    If you recall during work-ups for that tour, some idiot got the idea to paint them................and "good bye" protective integrity of the helmet. Rolling Eyes

    Luckily I managed to secure a US Kevlar and Blue canvas cover. And when we were in Pendelton I scrounged a jump riggin' and pad from the USMC 2nd Anglico fellas.

    And all those Barradys ended up piled up in the Bunkers in the Visoko camp!!! Expensive flower pots!! I even mailed one home to a civvy buddy in Calgary and labelled the Postal Customs form as containing a "Blue Flower pot". He got it!! :lol:

    (Op Cavalier 5 w/ the Strats)

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