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    WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge

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    WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge - Page 2 Empty Re: WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge

    Post by pylon1357 Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:37 am

    Oh My, I am in envy for sure. Beautiful example of the Korea service badge. This is a very uncommon badge for sure. I have been hunting one for what seems like forever.

    My heart felt Congrats to you on this acquisition.

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    WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge - Page 2 Empty Re: WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge

    Post by sniper1shot Sat May 07, 2011 7:37 pm

    Well, thanks to all for their info and pics on this forum.
    I have to look for a Korea Service Pin now...never even knew about it.

    I have a couple of Applicant for Enlistment...but have to look for the French version now
    Also have a few General Service badges...will have to look at the book to see which ones I still need.
    I do have a couple of Service at the Front badges though not all the variations.

    I too look at the prices for all the some really REALLY good deals from other members here and there but have also paid more than I should for a couple of them.

    Always on the look out for those "Silver Wound Badges" too.
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    WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge - Page 2 Empty Re: WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge

    Post by Vimy_Pilgrim Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:30 pm

    Folks, (Reposted from the CEFSG Website)

    I, too, am a collector of War Service Badges and have many in my collection. I was always intrigued by the numbers on the back of the badges and a little bit of research tipped me off to Darrell pointed out in a few posts above. The ledgers do exist!

    For those who have Class "A", "B", or "C" war service badges in their collection, I may be able to identify the individual who received the badge. I have photographed the available ledgers and I now have well over 4000+ images in my possession. Unfortunately, it appears there are many gaps in the numbers but some can be identified. Given the work that has gone into photographing the ledgers I am charging $5 per number or $10 for three numbers. For example, I can identify the following series of Class A badges:


    Those are the primary numbers readily available but I do have a smaller list of miscellaneous badge issues that I can also cross reference. Again, gaps exist with the B & C class badges too but I can identify some of those as well. Just let me know the numbers and I will let you know if I can identify the badge.

    I have checked and cross referenced the ledgers to individual files and they do match in 98% of the cases. I have seen a couple of mistakes but they have been very few. If for some reason the file you're researching/have doesn't match the number I give you then I will refund your money. It's that simple.

    Send me your numbers!!!
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    WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge - Page 2 Empty Cpf #680

    Post by Rick88Golf Wed Dec 15, 2021 4:13 pm

    Will vac have a ledger for such an early serial number for a service at the front cpf badge?difficulty posting photos.

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    WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge - Page 2 Empty Re: WW1 "CPF" Class A and a Class B Badge

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